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Xfinity store by Comcast branded partner

Xfinity store by Comcast branded partner

Comcast has travelled to transform the customer experience and shops giving new and existing customers a place to learn how to optimize their Xfinity services and meet any service needs. Comcast has built or designed more than 250 new stores since 2015. The company will open a new store and renovate more than 50 locations in high-traffic shopping centres throughout 2018. Comcast’s ultimate goal is for customers to be a 15-minute drive from an Xfinity store by Comcast branded partner.

What are the ways to get connected with the Xfinity store?   

It has completely redesigned the store to give you a better experience. Within each Store, you can explore and learn about the latest innovations in TV, Internet, Voice, Home and Mobile in a totally interactive environment. You can also change devices, pay bills, buy accessories and quickly get help from knowledgeable staff. You can also stop by to run other errands.

Discover a new approach to mobile:

Xfinity Mobile is a new wireless service designed for how people use their phones today, with data and WiFi at the centre of the experience. It uses America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Combine that with Comcast’s expansive Wi-Fi network of 18 million hotspots to give consumers a better wireless experience for less money. 

The customer only pays for the gigabytes they use or pay a flat rate for unlimited data. It offers the flexibility to switch between data options using the free Mobile app. Families can also mix and match unlimited and modular data plans to save big on mobile costs.

Changing the way you experience TV:

With Xfinity X1, experience TV and Internet sharing like never before. X1 brings Netflix, YouTube, the latest sports stats, live TV and On Demand into one easy-to-use interface. This means you can watch your favorite Netflix shows, movies, and billions of YouTube videos and follow your fantasy league without having to get off the couch or switch remotes or inputs.

Plus, with the Emmy-winning X1 voice remote control, you can navigate seamlessly through live TV, on-demand, Netflix and YouTube. You can find personalized recommendations for control your account, and much more, all with simple voice commands.

Enjoy the ultimate Wi-Fi experience:

It is a better way to use WiFi. Get the speed, coverage, and control you need to enjoy the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. With the local store, you can optimize and evaluate your entire home Wi-Fi performance, view devices connected to your network, and see what devices are connected to your network. It also sets up your home Wi-Fi network in minutes without the need for a technician.

Connect and protect:

With a local xfinity store, you can protect your family and home and take care of them from anywhere with an internet connection using your Smartphone, tablet or computer. 24/7 security gives you peace of mind from anywhere. Set up rules to receive real-time notifications of activities in your home, such as when opening doors or windows or when motion is detected.

With live video monitoring, you will see that the children your home safely and lock the door remotely. This means you can let them in when they forget their keys and remotely control the thermostat and lights So that you don’t have to go home in the cold and dark anymore. With the home automation feature, set a “good night” rule, and Its Home will automatically lock your doors, turn off the lights, and install your security system. The household items are different but with customizable home automation rules so you can set it and forget about it.

What are the industry leading Xfinity products?

The xfinity store is strategically designed by product space, Mobile, X1, Home, and Xfinity Internet so the customers can see industry-leading products in action.

  • Xfinity Mobile is an integral part of the Store – customers can buy a new mobile phone or bring their own Apple device and choose a flexible data plan based on their individual needs – pay by the gig or unlimited.
  • Discover xFi, the home WiFi experience, and learn how to view and control network devices via remote apps, sites, or audio in the Internet zone.
  • X1, the next-generation video platform. They are presented in a living room environment, So customers can try the voice remote control and see directly how the X1 works.
  • The Connected Home Zone shows that Home combines the best home security and automation into a simple experience. How can you be alone? Customers can learn how to control an increasing number of IoT devices from their phone, tablet, or Home touch screen.

Overview of the Xfinity store:

Comcast is one of the largest and most widespread telecommunications companies in the United States. To provide customer support services, Xfinity has opened several local store and Comcast Service Centers across the country for easy access. You can learn what kind of services offers, what time these stores will close, etc. 

What makes Comcast call centres different from xfinity locations near me is that they only offer Internet, TV and audio services. Comcast call centres don’t yet offer Mobile. These Stores are designed to give you a tremendous and streamlined customer experience. You will find several service counters where sales consultants will answer your questions about their products. You can also view interactive and detailed product demonstrations and dedicated areas that showcase Comcast’s suite of products and apps.

You can visit the nearest xfinity store to deposit your old device or get your new device. You can also collect a starter kit from the Store, where it is available. This includes instructions on how to install their devices manually.

What is the timing of the Xfinity store?

Xfinity Stores are usually open Monday through Saturday – from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The locations near me are also open on Sundays, although store times vary from region to region, generally between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. So you have plenty of time during the day to visit your local Stores. Even if you can’t do it in one day, you can try the next day again, as Stores are open almost every day.

Why will you visit the Xfinity store?

The nearest store has all the latest technology for connecting your home. And they don’t make you feel like a fool asking about products and features you are unfamiliar with.


XFINITY now offers a mobile plan that covers 4G LTE and, of course, is part of it’s network of millions of hotspots nationwide. Their plans only cost $12/GB of data per month or $45 for unlimited data. You use more data in a month than you expected. With their Mobile, you can change your data options to unlimited in the middle of the billing cycle and even switch back next month to pay for gigs.


Technology and innovation are at the heart of what Xfinity has always done.Its Home lets you customize your home with state-of-the-art home security and automation systems:

  • Motion sensors and door/window sensors
  • Smoke detector
  • Water detectors (e.g. washing machines leaking or underground flooding)
  • Indoor/Outdoor CCTV
  • Smart temperature controller
  • Outlet controller for turning on/off lights and small appliances.
  • Wireless keyboard to arm/disarm your system.

And if you can’t guess, there’s an app for that. The XFINITY Home app lets you monitor and manage your Home system from anywhere. The great thing about stepping into its locations near me is that the consultants provide hands-on demonstrations to show you how to get the most out of your TV. You can get high-speed internet, its Mobile, its Voice and connected home solutions.

Xfinity TV:

Comcast also offers movies and TV shows in the nearest store with purchase. Your purchased content will appear on your TV or computer. And it won’t go away even if you switch to another service within 60 days. If you find that you don’t like movies and TV shows on Xfinity TV, you can always download and watch them when you don’t have the internet.

Xfinity Internet:

Xfinity Internet by Comcast has been continually improving in customer satisfaction measurements over the years. It offers a variety of plans for different speeds. It has a simple map structure. But you should be aware of the considerable price increase in the second year. If you want a better deal, please contact customer support and ask about other plans.

The bottom line about Xfinity store

Customers can visit the store to upgrade or replace equipment. Store employees are trained in customer service and have in-depth knowledge of its products. The store appointments can be scheduled online from the local store website. The new Store also has a dedicated area for Comcast Business customers and prospects to come in and discuss their business technology needs with experts. Comcast is opening several new stores across the country every month. These stores will be located in busy shopping areas alongside other lifestyle brands convenient for customers to visit.


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