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Mpow H10 wireless Full review Guide

When choosing headphones, you have to weigh different things. Do you care most about portability? How long a battery lasts is the most important thing to you. Do you plan to wear your Mpow H10 wireless for six straight hours? How you answer these questions depends on what kind of headphones will work best for you.

Mpow H10 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones with Two Microphones

Given that, how does the Mpow H10 wireless compare? They have a few clear strengths and fewer weaknesses that stand out. First of all, the H10 is made with a better design. But most changes are about making calls clearer and adding more ANC capacity. The feed-forward and feed-back dual microphones make for a pretty strong ANC. The H10 is said to have a battery life, one of the longest over-ear headphones in this price range. As is usually the case with over-ear headphones like the H10, whether they live up to those expectations depends on how you use them. But their battery does end up competing with some pretty good headphones that cost a lot more than these.

But the Mpow H10 wireless shines when it comes to its calling features. They’ve confirmed that their ANC works well with their calling features, so clarity is excellent on both ends. It’s rare for midrange headphones like the H10 to be this clear. Even though these calling features aren’t really what these headphones are for, they are more than just a bonus.

Design and Layout

The Mpow H10 wireless is mainly made out of ABS plastic on the outside. But they’ve decided to give the outside a little polish, which is both good and bad. It’s good because it makes them look a little bit better. Even when ABS is a suitable material for the job, it can look cheap if it is not changed. So the polished one looks better. But because the design isn’t matte black, these headphones have a slight glare in direct sunlight.

On the grey version, these problems don’t stand out as much. Because the Mpow H10 wireless comes in two different colors, dark and sky grey. The dark is charcoal black, and the sky grey is a muddy white. Only color is different between the two.

Many brands have switched to touch-control interfaces, but Mpow H10 wireless has stuck with the old-school analog inputs. The ANC switch is at the bottom of the left ear cup. When it’s in the “on” position, it’s pretty easy to tell. And since there are no other buttons near the switch, it’s impossible to press something else by accident while trying to turn on or off the ANC. Very smooth and easy to use.

On the right ear cup, there are three buttons that can be used for different things. With these buttons, you can play, pause, skip between songs, and turn up or down the volume. Since so many controls are packed into three buttons, you have to learn a few tapping patterns, and there is a slight learning curve. It’s still better than dealing with only two buttons that do more than one thing. You’ll also find charging and a 3.5mm audio port below the analog inputs, but we’ll discuss those later.

Comfort Is Important

The Mpow H10 wireless was made to be worn for the whole day. There are a few ways to do that. One way is to provide the headband doesn’t squeeze your head too hard on the side. When combined with larger ear pads, the result can be pretty good.

In this case, the Mpow H10 wireless headphones also have a design that lets you turn the ear pads 90 degrees around their axis. So, no matter how big or small your head is, you can count on the H10 to keep you pretty comfortable. Because of how these headphones are made, you can take off one of the ear cups and listen to your surroundings when necessary.

The design is also able to be folded up. So you can fold them up and put them in a bag, and they are less likely to get damaged on the way. These headphones are very light in terms of traveling, especially for wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are often allowed to get close to 1 lb. Even though you can put many cool things on your headphones if you do that, it’s not a good idea for long-term comfort.

The Mpow H10 wireless is closer to 10 ounces in weight.

That makes them a little bit lighter than most wireless gear, but they’re still about two ounces heavier than most people think is best. You shouldn’t feel their weight if you don’t wear them for 8 hours straight.

Wireless and calls Quality

These headphones use Bluetooth, which is a pretty standard way to connect. Since these aren’t wireless earbuds, you don’t need to worry too much about how they relate to your Bluetooth device. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. For one thing, the CSR9635 Bluetooth chip has CVC 6.0 to back it up.

For those who don’t know, CVC technology works by putting some background noise on top of your voice. Even if six other people are talking around you, the person on the other end of the line can hear you. It’s a standard technology used in call centers for this reason. The fact that the Mpow H10 wireless uses two separate microphones to record sound makes it clear that it can cause great calls. Even more so when compared to a single mic setup that doesn’t use CVC technology.

The lifespan of a Battery

The batteries in the Mpow H10 wireless are supposed to last for a total of 30 hours. How far can they go? Well, the answer depends on who you ask. How are your headphones being used? Do you always have the ANC playing? If you listen at about half the volume and don’t use the ANC, the 30-hour estimate is pretty close to the truth. But does that sound like the most common way you’ll use the H10? With that feature, ANC is often turned on in headphones. In fact, these headphones are made with the idea that this will happen.

So it’s a bit of a stretch to say that these headphones can play for 30 hours. Even though the quality of the ANC means that half-volume levels will probably be fine for you, it also means that the battery life will drop quickly toward 22 hours. That’s close to the kind of battery results the average listener should look for.

As is sometimes the case, adding a wired connection can bring you closer to the 30-hour estimate. Because Bluetooth and ANC use about the same battery power, you can get back up to 30 hours if you can use a wired connection and get rid of Bluetooth. But, as we’ll see in a moment that might change the way the sound sounds.

Audio Quality

These headphones were made with 40mm drivers, which are pretty big. It’s great that they didn’t shrink the drivers to make them easier to carry. They have a CSR chip that promises support for a wide range of audio codecs. Because of this, these headphones always sound smooth. The average listener probably won’t notice the difference in codec support, but that coverage can matter if you use high-resolution audio codecs.

Mpow H10 wireless says that the ANC lets you get rid of 32dB of background noise. This makes no sense at all. You can’t tell how much noise ANC will take out because it works differently on different parts of the tonal range. In some places, the ANC won’t block out nearly any sound. That’s especially true for people who are around high-pitched tones.

In other places, almost all sounds can be gotten rid of. This is especially true for low bass tones. Voices are made up of high and low tones, so they usually get through ANC with only a little washout.

Once the ANC is turned on, it’s much easier to hear how excellent the Mpow H10 wireless sound is. They should be suitable for almost any kind of music, especially when it comes to how well they play bass.

Other Things to Consider

One issue! You can only use the microphone when you’re in wireless mode. You can’t make or receive calls if you choose the wired method. Still, pretty often, headphones like these have this kind of limitation. You might also want to know that the ear cups can’t be taken off or replaced, so you’ll need to be careful with them. Mpow H10 wireless comes with a 2-year warranty but only covers the electrical parts. Normal wear and tear is not covered.


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