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Researchers discover the Universal Turing Machine’s zero day

Zero day found turing  – Runs in a few of days.

One of the first computer architectures ever created, the Universal Turing Machine, has an arbitrary code execution flaw, according to a Swedish professor of computer science.

Professor Pontus Johnson of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, claimed that the discovery had no application in the actual world because Universal Turing Machines aren’t very common these days.

According to Johnson, who co-founded the academic field of artificial intelligence, the zero-day explicitly referred to the 1967 implementation of the simulated Universal Turing Machine (UTM) created by the late Marvin Minsky.

In his work, Johnson stated that “the Zero day found turing is usually believed to be the simplest, most abstract model of a computer.” He was able to deceive the Minsky-spec UTM into executing a programme he wrote by taking advantage of the absence of input validation.

A tape-based machine that reads and runs extremely basic programmes from a simulated tape is described in the Minsky specification. The simulated tape reader head is moved left or right across the “tape,” which is actually a one-line alphanumeric text, according to instructions on the tape. Users can enter data at the beginning of the tape, but according to the UTM paradigm, they are not allowed to change the software that runs after that.

If you could call it security, UTM uses a single number to tell the computer that user input ends here and that everything else can be executed using the parameters you just read.

Johnson’s trick was as easy as entering the character “input ends here” in the user input box and adding his own software right after it. The intended programme is skipped over when the UTM runs that. This resembles a test SQL injection.

If the Universal Turing Machine was the forerunner of all computers, he claimed, then it would appear impossible to incorporate security from the beginning.

Benefits of Zero-day found universal machine:

In general, zero-day vulnerabilities are beneficial to find as they can help prevent malicious actors from exploiting these vulnerabilities and causing damage to computer systems or stealing sensitive information. The discovery of such vulnerabilities can also lead to the development of patches and updates to fix the issue, increasing the overall security of the affected systems.

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