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Top 5 Hottest Ullu Web Series Of All Time To Download With Mp4moviez

Since the Ullu OTT platform emerged, its web series have smashed several viewership records. Their bold content script and world-class cinematic quality have entirely transformed the Indian adult video content industry. Their strategy of identifying and targeting niche audiences is a big factor behind the overnight success.

In addition, people are connecting more personally because of their regional content scripts. Almost every web series under their banner has grabbed massive global attention, but some shattered records. For the fans of this platform, we have curated a list of the best delights to watch, along with a trick of subscription-free access! Excited? Well, let’s walk through the top 7 list of hottest web series and then we will guide you through the process of getting all of them through the mp4moviez website.

Hottest 5 Ullu Web Series To Add To Your Watch List 

  • Gaon Ki Garmi

A metropolitan youth finds himself engulfed in a tempest of desire that surprisingly sprouts in a modest village. Witnessing the fervent romance between his uncle and aunt leaves him desiring the touch of a lover. Resolute to mitigate his aunt’s dissatisfaction with her spouse, he concocts a scheme. Directed by Sameer Salim Khan, the series features Mahi Kaur, Anupam, and Shivam Tiwari in pivotal roles. This web series delves into the intricacies of relationships and the lengths one might go to find solace in the warmth of another, even in the most unexpected places.

  • Riti Riwaz

In Maharashtra’s tribal villages, polygamy is common, with each wife assigned different household duties. Shanta, Bhagat Ram’s only wife, insists he marry again, exhausted from managing all household tasks solo. However, Shanta’s relief turns to jealousy as she observes the intimacy between Bhagat Ram and his new wife, Beena.

This roller coaster Ullu web series of emotions leads to unexpected betrayal, heartbreak, and a shocking death. The series stars Anupama Prakash, Prashant Manrai, and Mahi Kamla. This narrative explores the complexities of human emotions and the dark corners of jealousy and desperation.

  • Double Dhamaka

A solitary woman’s allure towards her nephew kindles a taboo chemistry between them, made even more complex when her sister partakes in their carnal trysts. What path lies ahead for this unusual threesome? Directed by Sameer Salim Khan, the web series stars Rajsi Verma, Rukmani Khandagale, and Sagar Bhatt. “Double Dhamaka” is an exploration of forbidden desires and the complexities that arise when societal norms are challenged by unconventional relationships.

  • Chull

Kapil, a jobless, indolent slacker, drifts through life without any serious ambitions. Despite numerous attempts by his father to instigate responsibility, Kapil ends up causing more chaos when he starts flirting with both his boss and her daughter. Starring Alpita Banika, Puneet Kaur Brar, and Gulab Singh, “Chull” is a humorous take on the challenges faced by parents with wayward offspring and the comedic situations that arise from one’s lack of direction in life.

  • Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha

Following a botched heist, a detained thief sends his fellow inmate to his residence to retrieve the secret codes required to access the stolen diamonds. However, what initially appears to be a straightforward task soon spirals into a web of lies, deceit, and ulterior motives, as everyone involved seems to have their own hidden agenda for the diamonds. Featuring Love Preet Kaur, Sunny Saini, and Payal Patil, “Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha” is a thrilling exploration of human greed, betrayal, and the convoluted schemes individuals devise to outwit one another.

Get all these web series in HD quality for offline watching  

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And the best part? You can watch them all in HD on mp4moviez, your ultimate destination for offline viewing. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to a seamless viewing experience. Don’t miss out on the roller coaster of emotions this series offers. Download now on mp4moviez and let the binge-watching begin!

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