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Ullu Web Series OTT | The Hottest Content Platform of 2023

Ullu OTT has gained massive limelight in a very small period of time since its launching in December 2018. Their bold content based on popular Indian myths and legends has made a strong connection with audiences which reflects the loyal customer base. The app has been downloaded 1Cr+ times from the Google play store, and it has been rapidly rising since its recent international emergence. For new and existing ULLU web series fans, we have some interesting information. Check out which of them were already in your knowledge. 

Latest News About Ullu OTT 

Plan to produce 50 new web series in 2023 

Ullu OTT has a big plan to occupy screens with an audacious masterstroke – 50 sizzling new web series set to hit the screens in 2023. Fueled by the past success of hits like “Paatal Lok” and “Raktanchal,” they’re aiming for the stars and nothing less than Indian OTT supremacy. The $13 billion Indian OTT market? That’s just the appetizer. By 2025, it’ll be a $20 billion feast! The days of humdrum TV are over, as Ullu is cooking up edgy, daring, and genre-bending shows. It’s a bold gamble, an enticing adventure.

Ullu released its first international app in the Middle East 

In order to gain access to the Middle East viewership, this entertainment platform has announced a partnership with FilMe, to release exclusive content in the UAE. FilMe is focused on continually offering fresh material for its audience, and the collaboration with Ullu is a strategic move to achieve exactly that goal.

Deal signed with Eros Now to distribute its web series in the US 

On February 14, 2023, Ullu’s CEO, Vibhu Agarwal and Eros Now’s CEO, Ali Hussein, unveiled a partnership. This agreement will permit Eros Now’s subscribers in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom to enjoy Ullu’s web series. It’s an arrangement designed to serve both parties well, with Ullu tapping into Eros Now’s extensive subscriber reach in the US and Eros Now gaining access to Ullu’s much-loved web series. 

Family-friendly delight with Ullu 2.0 Version  

Ullu has made a major shift with its 2.0 version to cater to family audiences. Introducing a ‘Censor’ filter, known as Censored Movie Programming, all adult content can be edited out, transforming its appeal. Along with changes in content, the CEO, Vibhu Agarwal, revealed that there would be a shift in marketing strategy, focusing 60% on digital and 40% on outdoor advertising. The company plans to diversify with Ullu merchandise, telecommunication, music, and even an e-commerce platform and aims to increase its subscriber base by 40-50% with Ullu Silver. The evolution of Ullu showcases a comprehensive brand transformation aligning with wider audience needs.

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