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What Is The Web Data Scraper For Google Maps?

How do you generate leads for your business from Google Maps without coding and wasting time? For some, social media and Google ads are the way to go but they will not work for all as it requires a lot of money for that.

This is where companies look for strategies to get the data of potential buyers, usually email addresses and phone numbers of buyers for online communication, and then reach out to them to market and close deals. You can either buy a ready-made Google Maps database, the integrity of which can be questionable and usually quite expensive, or you create your own. Unfortunately, 61% of B2B marketers believe that generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges.

Here’s where Google Maps Scraping for finding and scraping business data from Google Maps would be the best option because everyone wants targeted data from Google Maps based on targeted category, location, and niche.

How Do I Generate B2B Leads From Google Maps?

Our focus in this article is on those that would want to generate their own b2b lead themselves from Google Maps but that means extra work at reduced pricing. One thing you need to know about doing so is that you will be automatically pulling business names, emails, social media links, ratings, reviews, and contacts from the Google Maps business listings you can find in a sizable number.

You can either use an already-made Google Maps Scraper if you do not have coding skills or develop one yourself. You are ready to get your hands really dirty and do the job for yourself. 

What Is The Web Scraper For Google Maps?

Are you looking for the best tool to scrape data from Google Maps for all categories and countries? In this article, I will let you know about the best Google Maps Scraper software that can scrape data from Google Maps for every location and industry without coding and provide you data in a readable format.

Google Map Extractor – The Best Google Maps B2B Lead Generation Tool

The Google Maps Data Extractor is one of the software you can use to generate b2b leads from Google Maps for your business. From the name of the tool, you can tell that it is meant for scraping b2b leads from Google Maps. This tool will help you in your B2B marketing by helping you find high-quality b2b contacts of businesses and decision-makers from Google Maps that you could convert into customers.

With this lead scraping tool, you can automate your b2b lead generating process and for each company discovered by this tool, you get full details including business address, phone number, email address, social media links, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, and much more from a Google Maps business listing. The process of using this b2b tool is simple. All you have to do is select your target category, select your location, and get all of the information you need from Google Maps.

One thing you will come to like about the Google Map Extractor is that it is not just a b2b contact finder tool, it is a full-fledged tool that can find, extract, and export data from Google Maps to Excel, CSV, and Text files. The Google Maps Lead Extractor tool is quite popular and has helped a good number of people to grow their businesses.

Why Google Map Extractor Is a Must Tool For B2B Prospecting From Google Maps?

Google Maps has a large number of business databases (approximately 12 million businesses) because almost every business is listed on Google Maps with complete business information to promote themselves. Just imagine how much business you can grow if you build a b2b database having contact details of targeted companies? The answer to this question is as great as it sounds.

Even though Google Maps have a large amount of data on their business listings but they are not willing to share data in a structured form and you don’t have any option to download this data from Google Maps, the only way is to copy and paste this business data manually from Google Maps to Excel sheets, do you really want to waste months to copy and paste this data from Google Maps? Even if you spent a lot of time and money on it you won’t be able to extract your desired data from Google Maps with 100% accuracy.

What you need is a Google Maps Scraping tool that can come out and scrape data for you automatically with a single click. And the above-mentioned tool, Google Map Extractor Software can extract and export data from Google Maps to Excel/CSV files without any programming. Google Maps Business Scraping Tool makes it easy to scrape business contact details from Google Maps business listings like Names, Phone Numbers, Emails, Addresses, Website Links, etc.

Why Google Map Extractor?

  1. You will get data for email marketing, mobile marketing, and other lead generation campaigns to boost your business.
  2. Grow your b2b leads the list with thousands to millions of real local business leads.
  3. You will get reviews data to understand the behavior of customers
  4. You will get data from Google Maps 100 times faster than a human and with 100% accuracy.
  5. Generate undoubtedly high Return On Investment (ROI) with email marketing, SMS marketing, and telemarketing than typical Ads if you have targeted b2b leads data for marketing.
  6. The point-and-click interface of the Google Maps Contact Extractor software makes it easy for everyone to scrape data from Google Maps.
  7. You will get all the scraped data in an organized CSV, Excel, and Text file so that you can use it easily in your marketing campaigns.
  8. Best of all it is a time saver, coding-free, and affordable tool.

You Will Get With Google Map Extractor

  • Business Name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Business Listing URL
  • Full Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Years in Business
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Email and Phone Number from the Website given in the business listing
  • Social Media profile links and much more.

Wrap Up

Getting the right customers for your business is the key to sustaining a business and doing it right will give you connections to the right companies, decision-makers, and individuals that you can turn into loyal customers. Google Maps being a major source of such data should be one of your primary sources and you will need Google Maps Lead generation tools to be able to collect b2b lead on a large scrape. The Google Maps Listings Scraper software described above is one of the best in the market you can use to build a business lead list from Google Maps.


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