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What is the Difference Between a Window Decal and a Window Cling?


When you plan to advertise your business, a window could give you many options.

Using a vehicle that could travel all around the town, advertising your business, could work quite well, and people would be more known for your brand. For the best marketing procedure, the best strategy is required.

Thus, Window Decals and Window Clings work on that for you. They help you grow your business by advertising it just the way you want them to.

Despite their similarities, the two materials hold appreciable differences between them.

Read this article to know more about it and analyze which could be the better one for you!

What is a Window Decal?

Window decals work as stickers that are used to promote some company or brand. They can be applied on a clean, flat surface, assisted by an adhesive backing.

Most of the time, you can find them used on the windows of various vehicles or certain business companies.

Window decals are made up of vinyl, and they can stick to material made of glass, wood, metal, or plastic.

Window decals for glass doors are quite a favorable option for the crowd.

Window decals are the most famous type of window graphics available.

They are adhesive graphics stuck directly to the glass or any other surface supporting it.

They are removable ones, and thus, you get the liberty of using them as per your will.


  • They are semi-permanent and, thus, can be removed and put as per convenience.
  • They can easily be installed inside or outside the window.
  • With the help of window decals, you get a view from both sides of the window.


  • Adjusting the sticker might get a little tough at times.
  • Sometimes, an opaque decal might block the natural light.
  • They are not water-resistant.

What is a Window Cling?

While Window Decals act like window stickers, the window clings are big signs prepared from a plastic film that can be easily fixed to windows with the aid of static electricity.

Even though Window clings are mostly found to be used on the front windows, the clings can also hang from some plastic or other metal surfaces. The window clings’ lifespan can be about half a year.

The Window Clings do not call for any adhesives for being stuck to the wall. They can easily be used for automobiles, trucks, and car decals.

They hardly require any time for installation and can easily be removed and put in several times.

Pros of using Window Clings:

  • They are reusable and durable. They can be used anytime, as often as you wish.
  • They cling to the glass using static electricity; thus, no sticky adhesives are required.
  • The clings work effectively and are highly adjustable.
  • Perfect match for temporary signage.

Cons of Using Window Clings:

  • They are not weather resistant.
  • They are made of plastic film and might sometimes lose their ability to stick for longer periods.
  • If used in vehicles, they must be used in climate-controlled areas.

Difference Between a Window Decal and Window Cling: an Overview

Window decals and Window clings provide different aesthetics suitable for different environments and occasions.

They both work great for many places, but you need to know your requirements before analyzing the better one.

If you want to advertise your brand or product to your customers and, thus, are looking for something temporary, we recommend you to use Window Clings over Window Decals.

On the other hand, if your requirements are for a long-time engagement, choose Window Decals without worrying much about it.

They are going to serve you for a longer period and help you attract customers and other brands for collaboration for a longer period.

You need not worry about replacing them because of their longevity.

Both clings and decals are excellent choices for giving your place or vehicle an appealing look.

In case you’re still perplexed regarding which one you could choose, we are here to give you a detailed comparison of the two! Check them out below!

Window Decal Vs. Window Cling: A Detail.

While we have already talked about choosing between the two based on your requirements, we shall provide you with some other points of difference which differentiates the two.

Read along to know better about it!

1. Placing Facilities

You’d be glad to know that placing clings and decals inside or outside the window is fine.

However, if you prefer to put it outside, it would be wise to choose window decals as they do not get as much affected by rain or direct sunlight as window clings.

The window cling carries the possibility of coming off during harsh weather conditions.

Here’s a small tip: Keep the area where the Window decal or Cling is cleaned as much as possible.

Wiping the area well regularly can work fine for you.

2. Removal Procedure

Removing a window decal from the surface is much more complex and time-consuming than a window cling.

The Window Cling requires a few minutes to pull the entire thing down.

However, removing a window decal requires a razor blade and soapy water to wash off all the residue.

3. Costing

The Window Decals turn out to be more expensive than the Window Clings. The perforated window decals tend to be costlier as they provide one-way visibility.

You could pay more for window decals that can be reused even though the adhesive backing will get less effective with time and use.

4. Personalization Facility

Window Clings and Window Clings are highly customizable, and you can personalize them the way you want.

For your advertisement, you would surely want many visitors to be able to view it from even a distance. For that, bright colors are the most appropriate ones.

As the ink can affect the vinyl stick without adhesive, the window clings work better with clearer designs.

Let Your Business Speak!

Advertising works as a great aspect of a business. A proper marketing strategy could do half the work without you putting in much effort.

It is advisable to look thoroughly through the difference between the two and choose the one most suitable for you!

Waste no time and get going with your business now!


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