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What Christmas Decorations Do You Need for Your Household?


By the time November arrives, it starts to feel like Christmas is just around the corner.

And while you may not be quite ready to break out the decor just yet, it’s good to begin thinking about your Christmas setup for this year.

Whether it’s your first time dressing up your house for the holiday season – or you’re simply looking for a refresher and a bit of inspiration – this guide will give you great tips on what Christmas decorations can help give your household that festive feel.  

Christmas Lights

When thinking about Christmas, one of the first things that comes to mind has to be the fantastic lighting.

Christmas lights are an easy way to transform a space and give rooms and outdoor ares an atmosphere that will get just about anyone into the holiday spirit.

There are is a varied range of lighting types and colours to suit almost everyone’s style.

Some even choose to alternate year-by-year, to keep their homes looking fresh. From draping lighting, to LED mini-lights, projectors, Icicle lighting and more, take some time to consider what will look best in your home.

Christmas Trees

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree! Like lighting, there are many different options to choose from depending on what’s most fitting, style-wise, as well as what will work functionally within your home.

One of the first big choices to think about is whether you want to have a real or artificial tree as there are some benefits to each!

While a real tree certainly offers a dramatic effect, and brings a delicious pine-y scent into your home, it also requires regular watering and can be awkward to install and remove year after year. It’s also an annual expense.

An artificial tree, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase that can last you many years and in most instances it can be easily put together and taken down for storage. And of course, artificial trees require no watering!


They’re also exciting for children to hang, with the hope that they may be filled with gifts on Christmas morning.

Like most decor these days, there’s no lack of choice when it comes to what style of stockings you can choose from. You can even make your own for a fun crafting activity and DIY touch!


A wreath hung on the door is a great way to welcome your guests to your home during the holidays. Like Christmas trees, you can choose to purchase a fresh wreath or an artificial one, depending on what suits you.

A homemade wreath is also a great option if you’re feeling like something a bit different and want to take the opportunity to express your creativity to the neighbourhood!

Advent Calendar

An advent calendar is not just a great bit of decor for your home; it can really add to the Christmas spirit too as a daily reminder that Christmas is on its way. These days, advent calendars come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Many popular brands are also producing their own advent calendars, with a popular product or small gift for each day.

It’s worth thinking about what type of advent calendar you’d like this year before December even begins.

So whether it’s your favourite makeup brand, or a homemade advent calendar with small treats, it’s a good time to start planning – the first of December is just around the corner!


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