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Top Luxury Car Brands In the World

India, the fourth-largest market for vehicles worldwide, has seen tremendous upheaval recently. Car enthusiasts in India currently have access to some of the top luxury car brands in the world. This is all thanks to an increasing number of automakers interested in building and selling cars in the nation.

Some automakers make affordable automobiles, while others specialize in selling the most expensive car in the world. Instead of being a price-sensitive market, India has developed into a flexible market. 

List of Top Luxury Car Brands in the World

Both domestic and foreign automakers compete in the Indian automotive industry. Indian vehicle customers now have more online shopping car accessories options thanks to the presence of numerous foreign automakers.

Top Ten Luxury Car Brands in the World

You can find the top ten Indian vehicle brands by determining their market share and product line.

  1. Maruti Suzuki
  2. Hyundai
  3. Tata Motors
  4. Kia
  5. Mahindra & Mahindra
  6. Toyota
  7. Renault
  8. Honda
  9. MG Motor
  10. Skoda

You can find more information on the luxury car brands below.

  • Maruti Suzuki

In India, Maruti Suzuki is a well-known brand. Such is the Indian automaker’s appeal. The automaker is well known for its budget-friendly and well-built cars. These are Maruti Suzuki’s main facts. In India, Maruti Suzuki holds a 33.95 percent market share. Additionally, it is India’s largest automaker.

The number of units sold for the fiscal year 2021 was 12.93 lakh. Maruti Suzuki creates cheap automobiles that are ideal for Indian conditions. A number of factors collectively contribute to the brand’s success in India, one of which is this. The automotive firm currently has three factories in the nation.

  • Hyundai

Hyundai, a South Korean automotive juggernaut, has discovered the ideal process for producing automobiles for the Indian market. Hyundai is one of India’s most well-liked automobile companies, thanks to its modern design aesthetic and technical breakthroughs. 

In India, Hyundai has a market share of 17.81%. The best things about Hyundai are its well-built, feature-rich cars. The corporation sold 4.71 lakh units in the fiscal year 2021. In India, Hyundai makes both budget-friendly and high-end automobiles. The South Korean automaker operates two factories in India.

  • Tata Motors

One of the first automakers in India is Tata Motors. This company develops some of the nation’s safest and most budget-friendly automobiles. Thanks to new design principles, Tata Motors is one of the top automobile brands available in the Indian market. See more information on the vehicle firm below.

13.84 percent of the market in India belongs to Tata Motors. Along with producing passenger automobiles, Tata Motors also produces trucks and buses for the business sector. The automaker enjoys immense popularity for producing certain vehicles with top-notch construction and safety features. The corporation sold 2.22 lakh units during the fiscal year 2021. Moreover, they have dispersed six production facilities around the nation.

  • Kia

After Hyundai, Kia is the second-largest automaker in the South Korean market. As one of the most recent automakers to enter the Indian market, it debuted its first automobile in 2019. Kia has established a strong reputation for its unique designs and feature-rich automobiles in India despite being a young brand. See the points below for more information on Kia.

As it overtakes some established players, Kia has a market share of 7.77 percent in the nation. One of the attractions of Kia cars is their distinctive design language, modern technology, connection, and comfort amenities. 

The manufacturer had outstanding sales of 1.55 lakh units in the fiscal year 2021 despite having a small selection of products. The business now only has one manufacturing facility located in India. In addition, Kia has announced several new vehicles that should arrive on Indian roads soon.

  • Mahindra & Mahindra

An indigenous automaker with a growing global presence is Mahindra. The business is popular for its hardy and robust SUVs, In addition to selling passenger cars, Mahindra also sells tractors, and the company does so internationally. This firm develops some of its most recognizable SUVs in India. You can find more details regarding Mahindra below.

In India, Mahindra has a 7.06 percent market share. Mahindra is the largest SUV manufacturer in India, and SUVs make up the majority of its product line. The company also manufactures buses and trucks for commercial purposes. 

Mahindra is also well-known for its tractors and other farm machinery. Mahindra reached a sales milestone of 1.55 lakh units in 2021. India is home to five Mahindra & Mahindra automotive production sites.


Driving a luxury car is the best way to drive at all; for many people, it is their dream come true! The top luxury car brands in the world are available, so selecting a luxury car for you demands considerable research. After all, living in luxury is a lifestyle. These high-end vehicles will enable you to enjoy luxury while on the road.


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