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The Best Dress Collar T-shirt: AndCollar

Commonly, youthful kids and youngsters prefer to be always on-trend and fashionable. It’s not only their choice but also their consciousness because nowadays, the dimension of fashion, outfits, make-up, and get-up is globalized due to the immense advent of technology, innovation, and digitalization. Youths are aware of their outlook and appearance because of the promotion of self-consciousness in this 21st century. As a result, youngsters always prefer a ‘no make-up’ look or a ‘not looking very dressed up look. 

This is why collar T-shirts are trendy among the target audience group, which is mainly centered on teenagers and youths.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of AndCollar and collar T-shirts, So please read to the end.

Before we jump into the article, let’s look at a collared T-shirt’s benefits and use abilities.

What is a Collar T-shirt?

Generally, a T-shirt is a comfortable outfit with a round neck and feet with any particular type of body size. In this case, the customer has to pay for the accurate size. Designers have traditionally formulated collar T-shirts concerning the same idea of having a collar attached to it. The caller is generally round in shape and matches around the neck, which is called the collar line. Collars in these T-shirts are naturally folded over. 

A Collar T-shirt is easy to carry, comfortable, and easy to wash. Several corporate sectors, desk jobs, and in-house employees are given collar T-shirts as their uniforms. 

&Collar is a clothing brand with high brand loyalty, famous for manufacturing and distributing collar T-shirts for the customers. They come with the tagline 

“#1 Best Dress Shirt”.

This article will tell you whether this tagline is suitable or not. 

(We have referred to a special interview of Ben Perkins called accumulating information included in this article)

Initial sketch: how did Ben Perkins find AndCollar?

According to the famous interview, Ben Perkins, the founder of AndCollar, elaborated on how he framed the idea of constructing a collar T-shirt brand. Here’s a brief overview:

Ben Perkins said that he didn’t like wearing formal attire. When he was thirteen years old and lived in muggy Hong Kong, he felt linen uniform clothes were the saddest thing ever. That life could be perfect if he could create button-down business clothes from a similar fabric as his soccer uniforms. In this manner, Wick-A-Sweat, the forerunner of &Collar, was created.

Nine years later, after having spent two working years in the similarly hot and muggy Philippines while putting on a cotton suit shirt each morning, he got fed up. 

One day, he had just returned home and acknowledged it was necessary to create a new button-down tee for men worldwide. That’s how the journey began. 

Logo design and Trademark

While he began the making procedure for what became the world-class collar T-shirt we presently buy and proudly own today( The AndCollar T-shirts), he got in touch with his sister and a couple of her companions in a provincial institution’s endorsement campaign to plan and prepare a brand recognition and Trademark for his newly-launched business cause, the Wick-A-Sweat phrase, and symbol he had composed on MS Paint on the family desktop machine, weren’t precise, they featured Indigo and White collars.

 And from then, it’s full time!

Ben Perkins noted that they would go crazy when anyone they didn’t recognize ordered, jumping through the joyful days of completing the handful of orders that would arrive throughout the week, mainly from relatives and friends. In the mid-year months of March, April, and May of 2019, Jordan and he decided to undertake this full-time out-of-university hostel and girlfriends’ car parks.

As a result, they could secure the stance they currently hold with a slightly efficient group of ten actively working participants. Ben Perkins, who developed the Trademark and had the concept to make all men experience greater convenience, relief, and relaxation, be self-assured, and like themselves when wearing dress attire, is continuing the work that Team AndCollar started in 2009.

Website development

Ben Perkins noted that by combining some of the most significant outstanding garment technology and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques into a unique shirt and decentralizing it by offering it inexpensively, they are inventing AndCollar in the field of clothing manufacturing.

The website is known as AndCollar.com 

Evaluation of difficult choices and lessons learned

Ben Perkins added that there had been several times when the company had to go through different complex determinations. They made tough decisions, Ben Perkins continued. The primary decision was to keep spending money on promotion and building company recognition because customers were wrapping up in sleepwear at leisure.

The team decided to stake their advertising budget on their abilities and product life cycle. There was no imminent end to informal clothing, and client recruitment expenses were relatively high, making it challenging. Still, when AndCollar began to arise from the couch, the trust began to bear fruit.

Market competition Vs. Winning the game: marketing strategies and plans

Ben Perkins claims that in addition to other enterprises specializing in making and marketing dress shirts for men, the epidemic has made pajama shorts and other relatively comfortable clothes brands rival their consumers’ closets. With precise placement in the Product Life Cycle’s Growth stage, &Collar hopes to remain in the fight.

It is accomplished by using an option that is more cost-effective, preferable to these other male companies, and simply as comfy as casualwear. The company hopes the results it has seen from its advertising budget the previous year will persist. They allocate their advertising spend based on a percentage of sales.

Management skills

Ben Perkins added that their ability to thrive is greatly aided by obtaining effective data analytics on their behalf. 

Final words

Ben Perkins noted that they sell men’s professional clothing, but it felt like the outbreak pushed home-based employment and informal dress by many generations. Initially, they were undoubtedly in a frenzy. Still, fortunately, to the wonderful and devoted consumers who continued supporting the company and the excellent promotional efforts planned by the partnerships, they could win over more clients.

Ben Price ended by offering a hopeful perspective. Any business can succeed if one can expand rapidly amid a pandemic where everybody stayed indoors and discontinued using professional attire.


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