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Texans, Raiders, Colts, Steelers and Panthers


5. Carolina Panthers (1-3)

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With each passing week, the Baker Mayfield/Carolina Panthers marriage looks more like a short-term arrangement. Mayfield’s been his usual average-performing self, and the Panthers aren’t winning. Sounds like the same thing for most of his career in Cleveland. Four weeks and Panthers fans are already booing him and the offense.

If Christian McCaffrey isn’t rolling offensively, the Panthers have no chance. This team might not win five games this season. While McCaffrey didn’t run the ball well, only rushing or 27 yards on eight carries, he did contribute big in the passing game catching nine balls for 81 yards and a touchdown.

Based on the upcoming schedule, it could be a month or more before Carolina lands in the win column again. Carolina has the 49ers, Rams, Buccaneers, and Falcons coming up. If Sam Darnold wasn’t on injured reserve, there might be a change on the horizon in Carolina. Unless the Panthers want to trot out P.J. Walker, they’re stuck with Baker for the foreseeable future. Sorry, Panthers fans.


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