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Subway removes Russell Wilson signature sandwich from menu


Russell Wilson

He also likes to live, dangerously
Screenshot: dangerusswilson/Subway

Was it internet trolls or just a limited-time option?

Denver Bronco QB Russell Wilson’s signature sandwich, the “Dangerwich,” is no longer available to customers — though not because of backlash from the cringe-inducing ads, according to TMZ Sports.

Apparently, the chain needed to make way for new items, choosing to scrap “The Vault” exclusive, which debuted in February.

“While The Dangerwich sub left The Vault in August to make room for some new, craveable options, don’t worry, The Dangerwich will be back soon!” a Subway spokesperson said.

After seeing the ads, it’s hard not to believe the response played a part in the hoagie being pulled.

Just listen to the way the former Seahawk signal-caller says, “it’s spicy.” That’s almost enough to make Wilson the worst pitchman in the company’s history.

Greenlighting this spot is like throwing the ball from the 1-yard line — and should be ridiculed accordingly. I also bet the “Dangerwich” — which features pepperoni, salami, ham, banana peppers, and, amongst other things, yellow mustard and mayo — is as putrid as the Bronco’s offense during the team’s 2-4 start.

Wilson is so bland, I imagine the things he considers dangerous to be driving 26 mph in a 25 mph zone, or refusing to hit while holding a five in Blackjack ala Austin Powers. How rebellious.


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