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Scariest athletes of all time


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Here’s a direct quote from Charles Haley. It was used in an America’s Game documentary, produced by NFL Films. It was said at practice to then Cowboys’ quarterback Troy Aikman.

“Troy if I hit yo muthafuckin ass, and rub my dick up on you, and call you my bitch.”

That’s Haley in a moment that appeared to be him joking. He was one of the great defense players of his era, and also a true loose cannon. His antics are why after two Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers he ended up with the Dallas Cowboys. Dan Le Batard once asked Steve Young if Haley had urinated on an assistant coach’s desk. Through laughter, Young responded, “the other end.”

Haley was a playmaker who was a key contributor on championship teams. However, Haley said himself that there could only be one alpha dog on a team. And whether it was Dana Stubblefield, Tim Harris, or whomever, Haley did what he deemed necessary to let them know that the role belonged to him.


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