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Russell Wilson memes took over the internet on Monday night


Let’s a one-point loss

Let’s ride…to a one-point loss
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The Broncos might end up being good. Russell Wilson didn’t look terrible, the team fumbled on the brink of the endzone multiple times, and receivers who wiggled open got the ball. For one night though, everyone — mostly Seahawks fans — who rolls their eyes at Russ’ well-manicured public image and dad-joke leadership got to enjoy Denver losing in embarrassing fashion.

I’m not here to recap the game, I’m here to recap the reaction. This was a prime opportunity to use the preseason’s biggest meme against Wilson, and people did it to varying degrees of success.

Let’s take a look.

Our first sampling utilizes the convenient green screen behind the meme to superimpose Wilson in front of his coach’s decision to attempt a 64-yard field goal rather than let the new head Bronco try to convert a fourth down and get the team in realistic range for Brandon McManus.

I like the use of technology. If they had Nathaniel Hackett in front of a green screen it could’ve been infinitely more enjoyable. The new Denver coach probably saw how much love Brian Daboll received for his late-game gamble, and didn’t think about what would happen if this goes (predictably) awful. Oh well. What else we got?

Here’s Russ in front of a Bronco, specifically O.J. Simpson’s Ford Bronco.

I’m not exactly sure what the thought process was, but there’s at least a vague enough connection that one could chuckle. And it’s a lot better than the people who opted to put 9/11 footage behind Wilson. I’m not going to share that, or try to find the joke in it.

It’s like the people who play the most offensive option during Cards Against Humanity regardless of if it’s actually funny.

Speaking of people trying to be funny, KIRO 7 in Seattle’s Kevin Ko gave his best rendition of Let’s Ride much to the delight of the local news desk.

Forced laughter is the worst laughter. There’s nothing more disturbing than people being forced to smile while someone does a cringe-y bit. Ko was almost redeemable, but he really should’ve thought through the “Do I smell like corn?” joke. Oh, you smell like corn because Wilson is corny? Hilarious. Let’s get you onstage at the Haha House.

Some of the funniest “Let’s Rides” didn’t even come from Seahawks fans. Regrettable/unintentionally funny posts are the best. I’m here for every part of this tweet that aged horribly. Unironically hashtagging #LETSRIDE in a hype tweet shows a considerable lack of self-awareness, and that’s just the beginning.

I don’t know Riker Lynch, or why his handle is verified, so maybe he wasn’t serious with this. At the same time, he’s playing the bass in sunglasses and a Courtland Sutton jersey, and he also used the official team hashtag. My guess is this guy’s attempt at humor is holding up his phone so you can see the gif he’s laughing at, or playing the Seinfeld jingle on his Fender Mustang. (He definitely thinks “Slappa da bass” from “I Love You Man” is hysterical, which I just… I can not.)

The best use of Let’s Ride on Monday night didn’t even come online. Shelby Harris, a defensive lineman who came over in the deal for Wilson, shared his feelings after the game.

The Let’s Ride meme will only get old if the Broncos are good, and they could very well be. That said, for one magical night in prime time, they weren’t, and the internet came alive with the sound of children’s (or really immature adults’) laughter, and all was right in the world. 


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