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Plan of Action From Pre to Post Video Production Toronto

It takes a lot to get a perfect video or photograph. Every video shoot goes through key stages of pre-production, production, and post-production to become able to get admiration from the audience. These stages further contain various subtasks that add value to the entire workflow. If you are a business owner and want an effective commercial video for your business, you need to understand the whole process in order to hire the best video production in Toronto. This post will shed adequate light on the complete workflow. 

What is a Videography Workflow?

When you book a videography service, it doesn’t mean they just took the video camera and started shooting. It takes a lot of things to get a final video. This is when videography workflow comes into play. A workflow is a road plan that can take them through every subtask in the process of completing a videography assignment, from the beginning to the end, and sometimes even after that. This helps in mitigating the risk of skipping anything during the process. 

Elaborated Videography Workflow

  • Pre-Production

-Discuss & Planning

During this very first stage, the video production company Toronto discusses the requirements with you. They find the theme, look, and creative aspects options related to the commercial need to be developed. Then they discuss everything in detail with you to take your approval or any idea you suggest. 

Selecting Location

After creating a list of ideas and making a decision on the theme and look of the video, the videography team selects the location. The lighting and angles required for the perfect video are observed and then finalized the location. In terms of video production in Toronto, already having a suitable location becomes everything easy for the team. 

Setting Props & Videography Gear

Then it comes to the preparation of videography gear like camera, lenses, lighting system, tripod, SD card, batteries, and all. The video production Toronto pre checks these things in order to save from last-minute hassle and complete the work according to the prerequisite. 

  • Production 


Once everything is prepared, the team heads to the shooting. Models, props, and vehicles required for the commercial are brought to the location. The team then starts the shoot and takes multiple shots for the post-production editing and picking the excellent among the all. It’s good to communicate the script and theme with the models to get the most out of the shooting. 

  1. Post-Production 

-Save & Back Up

To begin, the videography crew saves all of the shots by uploading them to their computer and backing up the raw video files on a hard drive or in the cloud. Many photographers have two backups on several platforms. We agree with such a practice as well. It’s better to be cautious than sorry! 

-Picking & Editing the Shots

Editing is an essential aspect of the post-production process. However, before that, good quality shots that are taken from appropriate angles are selected. This is good practice to save time consumption on editing all the shots irrespective of their use in the final video. The video production company Toronto pays utmost attention to these things. During the editing process, VFX, color, reflection, pace, etc., are done, which are necessary to make any video enticing and well-performing. A well-edited video plays a pivotal role in conversion rate. 

Delivering the Video

After perfectly editing and designing the video, it is handover to you. The videography & editing team delivers the video in the required format. It depends if you want the soft copy through email or if you want to take the hard copy through a drive.  

In Conclusion 

Hope you will find the above discussion helpful and understand the whole process. The objective of this post is to make you aware of video production in Toronto and also assist you in finding a good studio that takes you through the whole workflow.


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