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MLB Hall of Famer Randy Johnson’s 2nd career as NFL photographer


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These days, Randy Johnson is still combining his two favorite interests, owning a bird’s eye view of the world beneath him, and photography. As a 6-foot-10 Hall of Fame pitcher, he towered over the field as the tallest player in Major League Baseball History. He’s also probably one of the few aces who could have thrown down at Aaron Judge’s strike zone.

Johnson’s passion for photography goes back to when he studied photojournalism at the University of Southern California in the early 80s and continued during his playing career when he shot concerts — and likely obstructed the views of paying fans in the first row. He even runs a company logo that satirizes the bird he once eviscerated with a pitch in a spring training game 21 years ago. For those who are unfamiliar with the Dove Incident, Johnson’s most famous pitch made a dove explode with his fastball during a spring training game in March of 2001.

Ornithologists, zoologists who specifically study birds, say that the doves routinely fly between 10,000 and 13,000 feet above sea level so the odds of Johnson hitting one with his pitch is higher than the average pitcher’s but the improbability of that moment made it truly iconic. It’s fitting considering he’s probably one of the few pitchers who could reach the altitudes.

Johnson’s photography company is a few years old, but Johnson’s photography was rediscovered by Business Insider editor Sophia Kleeman, which sparked a renewed interest in the retired pitcher’s professional exploits.

Randy Johnson Photography is still an example of brilliant branding and it’s great to see an athlete who used to perform on the biggest stage still pursuing his dreams of *checks notes* shooting photography from the sidelines of sporting events. In an age of talking heads, Johnson just minds his business and gets the angles that most photographers are just flat-out unable to. They don’t grow 6-foot-10 photographers on trees after all. Most importantly, he’d got a great eye for evocative images.

You can also bet, athletes like Davante Adams would think twice about shoving the Big Unit around too.


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