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Lakers, Clippers, Nets, 76ers better in 2K than in real life


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Do you think Zion Williamson has made more dunks as a human, or as himself in NBA 2K? I have no idea how often pro athletes use their avatars in the games, but if the constant bitching about their ratings, or Williamson’s Mountain Dew ad, is any indication, it’s a lot.

Zion has more appearances on the cover of 2K than he has in playoff games. However, he came to camp in incredible shape after missing all of 2021-22 with a foot injury, and is ready to get back to being himself, which I guess is a guy who is constantly tweaking something.

He was taken out of the Pels’ game Wednesday night after rolling an ankle, and thankfully it was just precautionary. We all hope his durability steadily improves throughout his career. When in shape — and sometimes even when he’s not — Zion has shown a Bo Jackson-level athleticism that’s so amazing it’s hard to know where his ceiling is, but you hope his body allows him to find it. And like Bo in Tecmo Bowl, Williamson is just as much of a cheat code in 2K.

In a perfect world, New Orleans takes a leap like Memphis did last year, with NBA Twitter melting down at least twice a week over Zion, who is one of the few players who’s more impressive in real life than in the video game. You know, when he’s out there.


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