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How Hostbillo is the Best Provider of Dedicated Server in UAE

Day by day the competition between the Business is increasing not only offline but in online Business also. To attract customer businessmen finds many solutions such as giving coupon Codes, Vouchers, and Starting Sale periods during the occasions.

When the website sales Period started, the website receives Additional Traffic. To handle a high Volume of Traffic you need that type of server which have the capability to handle a large volume of traffic. If we are looking at which server is best for High Traffic website the answer is “Dedicated Server”.

A UAE Dedicated Server is the best among all the servers such as Shared Server or a VPS Server for a High Traffic website. After Choosing the type of web hosting for the website then the most important and we can say a tricky task is choosing the best and Right Provider to buy the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE.

On the internet when we find a web hosting provider we have many choices. But you choose the Best Provider who can give the Best Dedicated Server in UAE at an cheap price.

In the Best Providers, a Hostbillo Hosting solution name Exists. This Company is really a trusted and  Reputed Dedicated Server Provider. In this article, we Discuss in Detail why Hostbillo is the best provider. 

Hostbillo – The Best Provider of Dedicated Server in UAE

Hostbillo is a leading, trusted, and Reputed web Hosting Provider. The aim of Hostbillo is to give the best and most Satisfactory Results to their Customers. Also, they can help entrepreneurs to enter the Digital World. They give the Services of web hosting, Domain, and a Tally on Cloud Services. Here in the one place, you get many types of Solutions. 

Furthermore, Hostbillo offers the best & Cheap Dedicated Server UAE solutions at highly competitive prices that help the clients expand their online presence and achieve a high return on investment.

We already discussed that there are many Providers of Dedicated servers but Hostbillo is best. For that, there are some reasons behind this. 

Reasons Why Hostbillo is the Best Provider of Dedicated Server in UAE and Different 

  • 90.90 Uptime Guarantee 

With a Dedicated Server UAE plan, and package Hostbillo gives a Guarantee of 99.90% network. The company offers a service level agreement that ensures the highest level of network uptime, with virtually no downtime.

  • 24*7 Technical Support 

Hostbiilo gives 24*7 Technical Support with its UAE Dedicated Server plans. To solve all the queries of customers and Server Related Problem Hostbillo Highly Responsive team are always ready. 

In the Highly Responsive team, the Specialized and Experienced people are there. Over to the various Communication Channels, you can Contact Hostbillo’s Team. 

  • 7 – Days Credit Back Guarantee 

With a Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE plans Hostbillo gives a 7 Days Credit Back guarantee. There are limited Providers who can Give a 7 Days Credit back Guarantee and Hostbillo are one of them. 

In case you want to change your purchase, Hostbillo’s 7-day credit-back guarantee lets you transfer your investment back to your Hostbillo account.

  • SSH – Root Access 

Hostbillo gives Complete Control with its Dedicated Server in UAE Plans. As per the requirements you have a Right to install any Programs, Software, and Applications that your website needs. 

Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE  Plans Includes 

How Hostbillo is the Best Provider of Dedicated Server in UAE

  • Extendable SSDS and RAM 

To keep a Large amount of High-Quality Data Hostbillo provides Compelling Solid State Drives for Data Storage and also boosts the performance of the Business website. 

  • DDOS Protection 

With Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server plans in UAE, you can protect your website from DDOS attacks. Using algorithms and progressive software, Hostbillo Hosting Solution only allows legitimate traffic to pass through. 

  • No Setup Cost 

With Hostbillo Team, you can instantly deploy your robust, bare metal dedicated server. You cannot wait any longer for the Server Deployment. Hostbillo lets you set up the server based on your business requirements without charging you anything for the setup.

  • Free SSL Certificate 

Hostbillo gives a Free SSL Certificate with a Dedicated Server in UAE plans and packages with a Dedicated IP Address. You cannot pay any money to acquire an SSL Certificate. 

  • Customizable 

Hostbiilo allows you according to your necessities you can Customize their Server Settings, Applications, and Other Entities. Also,  you have a choice of Choosing an Operating System for your web Business. 


For a large type of website, a Dedicated Server in UAE is the best and ideal choice. Because a large type of website needs high bandwidth, more resources, and many more features. Only a Dedicated Server can Fulfill all the requirements of the website. Some features that are included in Best Dedicated Server:- 

  • Hardware RAID
  • Robust Network
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • ServerSecure Advanced Security
  • IPMI Access

For buying a Dedicated Server in UAE Hostbillo is the best Web Hosting Provider. As per your budget and website requirements, you can select any plan. Hostbillo offers five Plans. 

We have already discussed the reasons in the above article why Hostbillo is best. If any customers have any queries or face a server-related Problem then you can easily touch Hostbillo’s Team by Phone. Email and Whatsapp. 



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