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Greg Norman’s Saudi Golf Tour spiel on Capitol Hill goes as expected


Can it, old man!

Can it, old man!
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For some reason, Greg Norman marched up to Capitol Hill to lobby for the Saudi Golf Tour to get Congress to do… something. And man did he strike out!

Most people always thought golfers were some of the biggest babies on the face of the Earth, and LIV Golf has done nothing to dissuade anyone from that notion. All these guys that got millions to play on a different tour were shocked to find out that A) Not that many people cared B) People didn’t really care for something funded by the Saudis and C) The PGA Tour wouldn’t exactly just welcome that to and fro from another tour. And now they can’t stop stamping their feet in front of anybody that they can get in front of, no matter how much they’re told they’re wasting everyone’s time.

“It’s propaganda,” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Ten.) told ESPN. “I don’t want to hear about that. It’s not Congress’ business to settle a fight between a bunch of billionaires over a game of golf. They need to take it to the courts. Congress made a big mistake by getting involved in Major League Baseball. Here we are dealing with a [league] being funded by some Saudis. I just thought our priorities were out of whack.”

When Republicans in Congress are telling you that you’re a moron who already got a truckload of blood money and to go away, you’ve lost. You’ve lost more than anyone has lost. What more do they want? They got their money, they made their choices, and now when everyone is telling them that, suddenly it’s not enough.

Go away, cash your checks, and leave the rest of us alone. 


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