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Former Philadelphia Eagle Jason Peters rips Philly fans


Heel turn complete

Heel turn complete
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Jason Peters officially became a Dallas Cowboy yesterday by blasting the Philadelphia Eagles fan base. This culminates a heel turn of epic proportions after Peters signed with Dallas just before the start of the season. Peters went in on the Eagles, but he told no lies. Of all the cities in America, Philly takes the cake with how nasty it can be.

“I just know Philly fans are fuckin’ idiots when it comes to the camaraderie and the Cowboys, any team, really.… They know that. They pride themselves on being nasty. Philly fans are the wildest fans out there.”

For 11 years, Peters was on the opposite side of this rivalry, so it had to feel like a kick to the nads for Eagles Nation to hear their once-beloved left tackle slander the fan base in such a way. Even though these are fans who have the nerve to get mad when you bring up throwing snowballs at Santa Claus or booing Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. They’ve even been known to throw batteries at players. Sure, those occurred years ago, but it still happened. You did that, so you might as well own it.

These fans cheered as Michael Irvin lay damn near lifeless on the turf at the old Veterans Stadium — where there was a jail and court underneath — after suffering a spinal injury during a game in 1999. To say the fans in Philly can be crass is an understatement. But coming from the city where Extreme Championship Wrestling originated in the mid-1990s, it isn’t shocking.

The timing of this comment from Peters comes just days before he travels back to Philly for the first time as a Cowboy. Philly fans were probably going to boo Peters anyway for bolting to Dallas, but now he’s added fuel to the fire, as if this grudge match needed any extra.

Dallas and Philly are helping restore the NFC East to prominence, as this had been the worst division in the NFL over the past few years. It’s still early in the season, but the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants look like playoff contenders through the first month of action.

Now that the former All-Pro tackle has fired the first shot, let’s see which Eagles player retaliates in the next couple of days leading up to Sunday night in primetime. This is one of the most intense rivalries in the league, and it’s always personal between these teams, no matter the participants.


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