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Former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant wants to return to Dallas


Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant
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Following Dallas’ opening day massacre at the hands of Tampa Bay, former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was on Twitter touting how he’d be a good presence in the locker room to get the team’s “attitude” heading in the right direction.

Bryant was prompted by former NFL player Dantone Jones’ post after the Cowboys, 19-3 loss that CeeDee Lamb “needs a mentor.” The Dez Bryant ship sailed away from Dallas years ago and hasn’t returned. He’s been clamoring for a return since he departed in 2018, and this is just the latest plea. Although started by another player, Bryant jumped on the bandwagon in attempting to restore what he once was.

Cowboys fans love Bryant and would love to see him back in Big D in some capacity, but inside the locker room might be a stretch. Regardless of his injury status, Dak Prescott is the leader in that locker room and, more specifically, the offense. Dez has been hyper-critical of Prescott since he left Dallas. And the two didn’t always see eye to eye while teammates.

Earlier this year, Dez got into a Twitter beef with Dak’s brother (Tad Prescott) over criticism of Prescott and suggesting he should reach out to Tony Romo for advice following the wildcard loss to San Francisco. So, bringing Bryant into that locker room probably isn’t the best idea.

Dallas isn’t using a roster spot on a mentorship program for their No. 1 wide receiver. The Cowboys have large-scale problems on offense that Dez isn’t equipped to fix. There aren’t too many people qualified to cure what ails the ‘Boys. It’s hard to overcome a meddling owner and a head coach that doesn’t seem to have much of a clue since returning to the NFL.

Dez had a nice run for a few years, and that’s it. He’ll go down as a very good Cowboys receiver — but not an all-time great. His run of dominance was only about three years before injuries interrupted his prime. From 2012-14 with Romo is where Bryant really excelled as a Cowboy. Over those three seasons, he caught no less than 88 balls and went over 1,200 yards receiving in each. Dez also snagged 41 of his 75 career touchdowns during the same three-year span.

Nostalgia is one thing, but the Cowboys aren’t throwing it back to the days of Dez Bryant claiming a locker at Jerry World. That’s about as likely as the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl this season. If you’re waiting on this reunion tour, good luck. Dez had his time in the Cowboys spotlight, which ended abruptly.

The Cowboys have much bigger fish to fry right now, like figuring out if Cooper Rush can handle QB1 responsibilities or if they need to corral a suitable replacement for Prescott. So, Bryant returning to the Cowboys locker room for anything is wishful thinking. 


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