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Eric Tippetts | His Networking Marketing App and Other Products

Want to set up a business or need expert advise on the existing one? Eric Tippetts is someone you should know about! He’s a popular entrepreneur and author known for his expertise in network marketing and business growth. Learning from him is like having a mentor who guides you on strongly facing the challenges and making them work in your favor. His valuable insights and tips are easy to understand to anyone. So, if business success is your goal, Eric Tippetts is a name you should remember.

About Eric Tippets: Starting Days

His journey to success began in a small studio apartment in Southern California, where he and his wife faced financial struggles. Initially aspiring to become a successful actor and model, Eric believed fame and fortune were the keys to a prosperous life. Although they achieved some success, they also experienced the downside of financial mismanagement. Realizing the need for change, they made a New Year’s resolution to commit to self-improvement. 

Through dedication and a shift in mindset, they transformed their lives. Eric’s path to success included modeling for Levi’s and connecting with motivational speakers, leading to the creation of The Expense Tracker and recognition in the network marketing industry. His life today is marked by family, adventure, and a passion for learning from life’s lessons.

Rocket Recruiting Moblie App | 3.0 Version Launched

                                                        Success in Just Seven Days!!

It is a groundbreaking mobile app designed by renowned entrepreneur Eric Tippetts to empower network marketers and entrepreneurs. In just seven days, this app promises to transform your network marketing business, offering a unique blend of business growth, financial wisdom, and social impact.

Key Features of the App

  1. Contributing to a charity (Manna Relief) dedicated to feeding needy children. He introduced a feature into Rocket Recruiting, where if a user tracks their daily activities and hits 10 activities daily, the system rewards the user with a “SMILE,”.

These smiles translate into real meals for hungry children through the charity Manna Relief, making your success contribute to a meaningful cause.

  1. Rocket Recruiting streamlines network marketing and offers valuable tips and training to help you succeed in the industry while also helping you rethink your financial strategy through its Tax Savings Estimator Calculator.
  1. Gain access to exclusive training content from industry experts like Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Courtney Epps, Todd Falcone, and Eric Tippetts himself. Join the Insiders Edge social community!

Book Author: “To The Top”

This book is your roadmap to financial success, where he himself teaches you how to make money, manage it wisely, and protect your financial future. Even he introduced this book in audio format.

Key Takeaways and More Insights

  • Learn how to make more money through your business.
  • Discover ways to simplify how you handle your money.
  • Unlock the power of duplication to make your money work harder for you.
  • Find out how to protect your money and enjoy better sleep at night.
  • Identify weak spots in your finances and fix them for security.
  • Learn proven strategies to eliminate debt and gain true financial freedom.
  • Boost your income potential and build a financial shield against economic uncertainty.
  • Discover tactics and tools of the super-rich for expert money management.
  • Learn how to keep more of your monthly income.
  • Ensure protection during unexpected events and personal crises.

Training Course | Unstoppable Motivation

It is a seven-day video series course where you learn new motivation every day. Let’s quickly revise them for a better idea!

Day 1

                                                  “Get Ready for Success”

Start your journey by learning how to be successful. Life can be tough, but this day will teach you how to stay positive, wise, and motivated even when things are hard.

Day 2

                                                       “Believe in Yourself”

Sometimes, we doubt ourselves, and fear holds us back. This day is for anyone who wants to believe in themselves and their dreams. You’ll find your worth and gain the strength to achieve your goals.

Day 3

                                                                “Find the Light”

Life can feel like you’re lost in the dark when life gets tough. But there’s a bright future waiting for you. Learn the keys to success and change your life for the better.

Day 4

                                                                 “Rise and Shine!!”

Discover your purpose and motivation to give your best every day. Say goodbye to making excuses and hello to a positive attitude.

Day 5

                                                        “The Power of Imagination”

Imagine your success and break through barriers. Use your imagination to create a fulfilling life.

Day 6

                                                            “Overcome Challenges”

Life has challenges, but you can overcome them. Learn how to bounce back from disappointment and setbacks.

Day 7

                                                             “Never Give Up!!”

Never quit, even when things get tough. Keep chasing your dreams, and you’ll excel in every part of your life. Success is a journey, and this book is your guide.

Wrapping Up

With all these, he wants to convey a message that keeps going, even when things are tough! Believe in yourself and learn what you need to succeed, no matter what obstacles come.


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