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Cristiano Ronaldo says he’s not wanted at Manchester United



Give it a rest.



Give it a rest.


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You’d be severely challenged to come up with a duo more up their own ass than Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan, so it was kind of perfect and perfectly puke-worthy that Ronaldo carefully chose Morgan for his tactical masterplan to get booted out of Manchester as soon as possible. It was right as the Premier League took a break for the World Cup, and there’s nothing to distract for a week so Ronaldo can be the center of attention, as fucking always.

And it was Ronaldo looking at a situation he created, much like Durant did, and taking no responsibility for it and then deciding he’s too good for it when all his exits have been blocked off.

“Yes I feel betrayed, and I felt some people don’t want me here, not just this year, but last year too,” said Ronaldo.

To review: Ronaldo has left both a preseason game and league game early because he decided it wasn’t worth his time. He tried to bellyache his way out of the club in the summer, only to find that no one wanted him. He has refused to come on as a substitute in games, and generally been a pain in the ass. And then he complains of not being respected after showing none.

There’s some garbage about only wanting the best for Manchester United and he’s for the fans, but it’s a desperate ploy to also try and be the good guy while firebombing his relationship to the team and coach. It’s a version of Kyrie’s “I’m just telling the truth!” hoping to be seen as some sort of martyr/savior when you’re just a whiny bitch.

It’s probably difficult to have any sense of your place in the world when you’re as famous as Ronaldo, and have gotten away with what he has allegedly gotten away with.

Much like Durant, Ronaldo did this to himself. He declared Juventus not up to his standard, and he went to a club that was a mess. It’s his game that has eroded to the point that he can only do one thing, albeit a very important thing (score), but his one-trick game impacts too many others’ and the team’s that he’s a detriment. He wrecks a team’s attack when he’s not scoring himself, and he damages a defense with his non-activity without the ball. His game has devolved while the sport as a whole has evolved. It is time’s and his fault that no other club wanted him.

His last play is to be so toxic that United will simply release him and that maybe some team will take him on for free, somehow forgetting the boil on the ass of United and Juve that he’s been. But of course, nothing in Ronaldo’s world has ever been his fault. Much like Durant.


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