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Cleveland Browns star racked up speeding tickets before crash


He’s 100 Myles Per Hour.

He’s 100 Myles Per Hour.
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There’s a thin line between bad luck and stupidity, and the Cleveland Browns straddle it as well as any “cursed” team.

The loss to the Jets in Week 2 epitomized this as the rate of a successful onside kick in the NFL is less than 20 (bad luck), but giving up a 66-yard touchdown up 13 with less than two minutes remaining when you should be in the most prevent-iest of prevent defenses is unequivocally dumb.

Impact pass rusher Myles Garrett, who suffered a shoulder strain among other various bumps and bruises earlier this after a car accident Monday, is testing the limits of foolishness. The single-car crash, aka code for user error, that he was involved in came with a citation for failure to control his vehicle. The Ohio State Patrol said he was driving 65 in a 45 when his Porsche went off-road and flipped. Can see images of his car after the accident here.

If you look at it superficially, 20 miles over the speed limit isn’t that bad. I’m sure a lot of people have broken the speed limit by that much at least once before age 25. When you look into it more and find out Garrett has been stopped six times previously for excessive spending, including multiple instances when he was clocked at more than 100 MPH, he’s a repeat offender who constantly puts himself in a dangerous position.

If he went off the road going 120, 102, or even 90 as his prior tickets indicated, we could be talking about a much more tragic situation. Law enforcement officials reiterated drugs and alcohol weren’t involved in Garrett’s accident, but it’s hard not to think of Henry Ruggs III, whose career is probably over after he hit and killed a woman driving at a high rate of speed while inebriated in Las Vegas less than a year ago.

Even though it was only a one-car incident, Garrett did have a woman with him who had to be taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Thankfully, both are OK. That said, if his stupidity and the Browns’ bad luck had colluded, this wreck could’ve been way worse.

The list of bad shit to happen that’s involved football players and cars should be enough to deter NFL athletes from getting behind the wheel at all. I’m not sure it’s better or worse that Garrett was sober. I’m glad he wasn’t hammered, but it says a lot that he made a conscious decision to rip around Ohio roads after being previously stopped for speeding a half-a-dozen times.

I know I’m coming off as extremely pearl-clutching, and that’s by design. Garrett’s notoriety as a knucklehead continues to grow, and he has a heap of evidence that maybe he should chill or take an Uber. This is the same guy who came as close to pulling a Happy Gilmore — removing your skate and trying to stab an opposing player with it — as an NFL player can when he ripped off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and tried to beat him with it.

The sixth-year pro missed the rest of the year after that incident, and he should be thankful he’s not done the remainder of this season, too, as it’s pretty evident this week’s crash falls under the category of stupidity for him and the Browns.

However, on the bright side, this disproves the theory that if Cleveland ever has any luck, it’s bad luck. Their best defensive talent might only miss one game after flipping his Porsche multiple times? That’s a spot of good fortune.

Of course, it comes during a year in which there’s zero sympathy for the franchise as a whole — fuck you, Deshaun Watson — and anyone who believes in karma is questioning their outlook on life, but, as they say, it’s better to be stupid than unlucky. Wait, is that how the adage goes?


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