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Best Guide to Improve and Remodel Your Kitchen


When running a restaurant or fast-food business, you know the importance of having an efficient and functional kitchen space.

Although commercial kitchens are durable, high foot traffic can slowly affect their layout and your staff if it’s messy, worn out, and unhygienic.

When you notice your kitchen is not as efficient as it used to be, it may be time to consider a remodel.    

Whether you’re planning to remodel or build a new kitchen, this informative guide will allow you to plan appropriately, create an adequate budget, and maximize your space!  

Create Your Plan and Budget

Remodeling projects for commercial kitchens usually cost a fortune, so make sure you plan ahead and carefully set your budget.

Have a meeting with your contractor and accountant to ensure you have the finances to support the project and never spend beyond the proposed budget.    

These projects are costly and can be complicated quickly if you don’t plan ahead.

Discuss your vision with your team and discuss the project commence date, when it will be complete, the number of laborers, and the necessary building and safety codes to accomplish.

Remember that a kitchen makeover may require you to close your business, so plan.    

Determine the Kitchen Layout

You can choose from many kitchen layouts; each has its style and function for any situation. Here are four kitchen layouts you might consider using:    

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen layouts are the most popular and practical with their ability to provide several storage options and effectively use your kitchen space. The countertops of these storages can also be used as an additional table, giving you more room to prepare food or cook.    

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-Shaped kitchen design is ideal in big kitchens. Like the L-Shaped layout, this also gives plenty of storage space, consisting of three cabinets along three adjacent walls just like the letter “U.” This kitchen layout is perfect for multiple users in one big kitchen as each of them can have their workspace, removing the possibility of interference from other kitchen users.    

Island Kitchen

The island kitchen layout is famous for its accessibility and overall functionality. Since the workspace is in the middle of the kitchen, you can access it from all sides, which maximizes your kitchen space.    

Galley Kitchen

This layout has the simplest design, with two rows of adjacent cabinets that create an inner pass. Since it’s straightforward, the galley kitchen is the most space and cost-efficient. Make sure to install the preparation in one area to avoid workflow traffic.    

The kitchen is not limited to food-related activities such as cooking and eating. You can do other activities in the kitchen, like washing the dishes, family gatherings, entertaining guests, and having a place to hang out. Determining the proper kitchen layout is crucial as it helps your kitchen’s functionality while doing some of these many activities.    

Purchase the Right Kitchen Equipment

Sticking to your renovation budget is a requirement, but many kitchen owners go over their budget due to their chosen appliances.

Most of these items have the same features, material, and functionality – the price only changes depending on its brand and release date.    

Here are some buying considerations to ensure you find the best item at the lowest possible price.   

Ease of Operation

Always take a closer look at equipment’s features to make your commercial kitchen more accessible and functional.

Install stovetops with non-slip knobs, easy-to-understand refrigerator functions, and easy-to-use dishwashers.   

Safety System

Kitchen spaces always deal with fire. Therefore, use dual-purpose appliances and a fire exhaust, and include fire-rated access panel grease duct installation to keep your employees and business safe.   

Energy Saving

In this day and age, always choose to be energy conscious. Not only will energy-efficient appliances make your business environmentally responsible, but they can also help you reduce monthly energy costs.   

Install Proper Lighting    

Installing proper lighting is just as important as everything else in your kitchen.

Providing adequate lighting in a kitchen can significantly make a big difference by visibility in your kitchen, helping the user with cooking or eating.    

Final Thoughts    

A commercial kitchen is the most used space in your house or business space since many important activities, such as cooking and eating, will expose it to unknown foreign elements and heavy foot traffic.   

Whether you like it or not, exposure to these two things will lead to the depreciation of the kitchen affecting its functionality, arrangement, and overall aesthetics.

When you start seeing signs of over-usage, it’s time to call your contractor and start planning!  


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