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Bengals O-line, Eli Apple, MVS


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A championship-caliber unit is only as strong as its weakest link. Entering Championship Weekend, the rosters are so deep, and refined that it gets tougher to find dents in their armors. These aren’t the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears. The Kansas City Chiefs found a way around their lack of go-to receivers by utilizing running backs and Joe Burrow and Co. overcame his protection woes by throwing more check downs and getting the ball out quicker en route to becoming an elite passer under pressure. The Chiefs and Bengals are efficient football machines more than 20 weeks into the season, but savvy coordinators will gash any soft spots they can find to death.

Here are the five AFC Championship Game players and matchups that could be bullied on Sunday.

For the weakest links in the NFC Championship Game, click here.


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