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Before the Super Bowl, watch these football movies


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Another movie that could be considered over the top, but those who believe that are sadly mistaken. This is a work of art by Oliver Stone. Sure there are some typical characters. The movie has an out-of-touch coach, an insecure second-generation rich kid, and an old dog who wants to prove he has enough bite to fend off the young, hungry, and cocky dog snapping at his tail.

But this movie peels back the layers of football and goes much deeper into the problems that we learned years later are all too real. Problems such as professional football not being honest with players about the damage the game can do to their heads, and racial stereotypes damaging Black players’ careers. There are shady deals being negotiated to try and relocate a team for a better stadium, and players who don’t know what to do with their lives outside of football.

Does someone’s eye get yanked out of its socket at midfield in Texas Stadium? Yes, but try to ignore that. This movie puts all of football on the table for viewers to explore. From motivational pregame speeches, to stretchers and prayers.


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