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5 Easy Ways to Focus on Cosiness for Your Living Room


When you buy a house you essentially get a blank slate to work with.

You didn’t choose it for how it was decorated, after all; you picked your house because of its space and the potential of said space.

This is your opportunity to make a place your own, put your stamp on each room and create something that you love to come home to every day.

This post is a guide to five easy things you can do to put a personal touch on your living room.

1. Pick a Décor Theme to Bring It All Together

Not everyone likes to have every room in sync when it comes to their decorating choices.

Instead, each room makes its own statement and has its own unique visage.

Your living room is often the statement piece of your house as it is the place you relax, gather with company and spend most of your family time.

For all these reasons and more, it must be a place where you feel happy and at ease.

Even if you are an eclectic designer, bringing together multiple elements from a range of colours and furnishings, there should be a theme that ties it all together.

Without a clear decorative agenda, you become in danger of a cluttered feeling which is detrimental to your mental well-being and does not foster a nurturing environment. Plus, nobody wants to sit in a room they don’t like to look at, right?

2. Make a Statement With Your Furniture Choices

The most common furniture items in any living area include sofas, armchairs, television stands, bookshelves and coffee tables.

Your furniture alongside your décor choices is what brings a room together. It helps to think about colour schemes.

Which material would complement your wallpaper or paint choice, for example?

A forest green wall would go nicely with dark walnut wood, or a light pine mirror would suit a pastel-coloured wallpaper.

You can find furniture inspiration from many different sources; for example, this selection of coffee tables can get you started on your journey.

3. Keep Comfort at the Forefront of Your Decision Process

There is not much point in picking furniture if it isn’t conducive to a relaxing environment.

A chair is there to complement the sofa, but it is also an entity in its own right. If the chair is out of place, the whole vibe of the room will feel off.

Further to this, find some nice pillows and throws to accessorize with and make sure that they are warm and cosy.

You can do this by choosing the right colour pallette but also the right material; for example, cotton is much softer than jute and would provide a softer texture for the skin.  

4. Don’t Have Empty Walls

Empty and blank walls can make a room feel unlived in and unloved.

The last thing anyone wants is a clinical feeling to their recreational arena so avoid this by adorning your walls with a few select artworks, hanging pictures, or even a mirror or two.

Whatever your stance on fairy lights, they can really add a touch of magic to any area in the home and they can even double up as a way to display your treasured picture memories too.

Strategically placed photos provide a sense of home in any room, so find some nice frames and plan out a picture wall.

Be mindful of strategic placement as too many wall features can make for a claustrophobic feeling, which is to be avoided at all costs.

5. Invest in a Nice Lamp

It’s fairly hard to wind down with a big light hanging over you – that is where a good lamp can make all the difference.

You probably don’t want to sit in complete darkness, so you need a middle ground between blaring brightness and not being able to see.

A statement lamp can not only complement the pre-existing furniture and style choices but also add texture and warmth in a planned yet natural way.

Your living room is arguably the heart of the home.

Therefore, it needs to be a hub of comfort and tranquillity void of mess and clutter that serves to nurture your mind and physical relaxation as well.

The right décor coupled with comfy and well-placed furniture are the perfect ingredients.

Sprinkle some in theme soft furnishings on top and you have yourself a perfect formula for cosiness.


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