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10 richest owners in NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA per Forbes


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

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There’s rich, and then there’s wealthy. And then there’s “team owner money.”

Forbes just released its latest rankings of the richest sports owners who made the 2022 400 List, and more than 10 percent of them own teams. It’s an annual list of the select few who control the sports world, as their net worths are numbers so large that they don’t make sense in real life.

For instance, what does $1 billion even look like? Is that the amount that Uncle Scrooge had in his vault on DuckTales?


But as you’ll see from the list below, just because an owner is loaded, it doesn’t mean that their teams are super successful. Most of the time, revenue doesn’t translate to wins.

However, there is a caveat. For instance, Major League Baseball doesn’t have a salary cap. So, if a team owner is loaded and actually cares about winning, they can clean up in free agency and buy the best players and managers on the market. In the NFL, the cap for this season has been set at $208.2 million. And in the NBA, the salary cap for this year is $123.655 million, and is expected to jump to $134 million for 2023-24. In that league, you can win by being frugal and by living lavishly.

Here are the 10 wealthiest owners in sports. And as you’ll see, just because they’re enjoying games from their luxury boxes, it doesn’t always mean they’re leaving them after seeing a victory.


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