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Your Ultimate Guide To Waxing

There’s a lot to love about waxing, from the immediate results to a more streamlined morning routine. But unlike other beauty services, like manicures and haircuts, waxing requires a little more to consider. Take the concept of waxing itself, which entails pulling hairs from sometimes the most sensitive areas for long-lasting results. The right prep, provider, and post-waxing routine can go a long way in experiencing the best possible results—think touchably smooth, stubble-free legs with minimal pain, ingrowns, and irritation. For those new to waxing or others who want to brush up on best practices, consider these expert tips.

Before Your Reservation

Exfoliate in advance

Exfoliating ahead of a wax session can ensure that the wax gets as close to skin—and therefore the base of the hair follicles—as possible. “If you are going to exfoliate your skin, use a film-free—meaning it rinses clean off the skin, not leaving it coated in oil—exfoliant 24 to 48 hours before your wax,” says Gina Petak, education manager at European Wax Center. She recommends using EWC Treat Face & Body Exfoliating Gel; not only is it non-abrasive and film-free, but it also features a blend of soothing botanicals to help calm and nourish skin.

Let your hair grow out

When hairs are short, wax can’t successfully adhere to and pull it out of the follicle. “We recommend hair be at least one-quarter inch long—about the size of a sprinkle,” Petak says. “It’s a good idea to stop shaving at least five days prior to your waxing reservation.” Fortunately, it’s not possible for hair to be too long for waxing; if it is, a trained wax specialist like those at European Wax Center should be able to manage it.

Sip with caution

The morning of your wax reservation, skip the morning latte, and alcohol should be off limits. “Caffeine leads to more skin sensitivity and also can up the pain during a wax,” Petak says. Meanwhile, alcohol can thin the blood and make the experience more painful. When in doubt, opt for water. “It’s best to be well hydrated so the skin allows for the hair to be removed easily,” she says.

During Your Reservation

Don’t stress out

If you’ve had a wax before and found it painful, that’s common, particularly for those getting waxed for the first time. “Over time it will become less painful, because your hair will grow finer and softer,” says Petak. “By the third time, you won’t even feel it.” Not only are waxing services over quickly, but European Wax Center uses an exclusive Comfort Wax—a hard, alcohol-free wax infused with soothing ingredients—and has a four-step process to add comfort without sacrificing results.

Choose your wardrobe wisely

Get dressed with post-waxing skin in mind, depending on where and what you’re waxing. “We recommend wearing loose, thin clothing that won’t irritate your skin,” Petak says. “Natural fibers like cotton and silk promote airflow and won’t stick to your skin.”

Trust the pro

A good wax specialist can make all the difference in getting the best results and a safe experience; to that end, it’s essential to see a licensed professional who uses high-quality wax. It’s also important to follow their recommendations for post-wax care. “What you do at home matters,” Petak says. “That’s the part the professionals need your help with.”

After Your Reservation

Shower with care

When showering, keep the water cool or lukewarm at most. “Hot showers can dehydrate skin,” says Petak. That can in turn exacerbate any irritation from the wax. “Also, remember your skin is freshly exfoliated from your wax, so don’t use any harsh soaps or body washes that contain too many oils or leave a film on your skin,” she says. These can potentially clog the newly opened pores, leading to errant bumps and breakouts.

Maintain smooth skin

As hair regrows following a wax, there’s always a risk of ingrown hairs and other types of bumps on the skin. To treat and prevent ingrown hairs—in which hair inadvertently grows back into the skin—use the Ingrown Hair Serum which uses glycolic acid to exfoliate skin, as well as a blend of vitamin E, chamomile, and lavender to soothe. And, to keep both face and body clear of various bumps, including breakouts, consider the Face & Body Detoxifying Mask, which pairs glycolic and salicylic acids with activated charcoal to clear pores and smooth skin. It ensures you’ll get up to four weeks of smooth skin without shaving—and actually be able to enjoy it.

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