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Why Air Quality Monitoring and Clean Vents Are Essential for Good Health!


Fresh, clean air is essential for life and something which every human, animal, and plant needs for survival. But since industrialization made pollution more widespread and how many workers are now confined for long hours in offices and industrial spaces, and larger populations live in large metropolitan centers, this critical element of life is tainted with a cocktail of pollution, chemicals, and other harmful to breathe substances. Most people know about the dangers pollution presents to long-term health, but are you also aware that air quality affects essential daily cognitive functions?

In a perfectly healthy world, everyone would roam in the fresh air every day, and there would be unrestricted outdoor areas in cities that are pollution-free. But for most people, this is a pipedream. We can’t leave the big cities we live in, and our days are confined to office spaces or workplaces with frequently restricted airflow. And there is no reprieve going home – air quality there can be just as bad too. Add to that the COVID concerns in our current day, which adds more risk again. So what can possibly be done? The most crucial aspect for businesses, venues, or even at home, is to have a sound ventilation system that is clean and works correctly to ensure quality and healthy airflow.

Ventilation Systems Cleanliness for Good Functionality

It’s a misconception that pollution stays outside and working inside is better for health. Unfortunately, the reality is very different – often, indoor air is far higher in pollutants than the air outdoors, and this higher level of pollution is why a good ventilation system that functions well is essential. This consideration is even more critical for industrial work areas with additional harmful pollution created onsite, but office buildings are not immune either.

An unhealthy or dirty ventilation system, paint on the walls, and even what the walls and floors are made of can contribute to the toxic soup employees breathe in. Adequate ventilation ensures clean air is pumped in while removing old, stale air. But ventilation systems vary in their functioning – some include air filtration, air conditioning, and air curtains. Whatever their function, the system should eliminate pollutants, mould, bacteria, moisture, and odours to ensure the building air is healthy.

Regular Cleaning is Key

If your business or venue has a ventilation system, it still needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly as the system can collect dirt, dust, and get clogged or worse. Recirculation of dangerous debris is a key reason for employee or occupant illness. This is particularly problematic if the bacteria is from pests dropping, including rats or mice that get into or nest in the system. In addition, the larger the venue, the exponentially bigger the issue is. Impacts reach further, harming the health of people who use the building or even those who just visit. Without regular vent cleaning, all the possible contaminants build up, affect the system, and degrade air quality, resulting in reduced and unhealthy airflow.

Beyond care for your building and the people who use it, there are compliance regulations for businesses put in place by the government on how to care for and ensure building ventilation is fit for purpose. It is left up to building management to ensure the rules are correctly implemented. If there is a need for regulators and inspectors to get involved, that means the company is often already in big trouble. We recommend getting ahead of this possibility and staying compliant while submitting the necessary paperwork before there is even the possibility of the situation escalating to legal action.

An easy compliance action is to have the ventilation system cleaned regularly to clear mould, debris, and any other bacteria or toxins into the air. Although this is mandated to be done annually as a minimum, we recommend cleaning every three to six months. It makes business sense to look after employees’ health and wellbeing, and it pays in fewer team sick days or time off.

Get Professional Cleaners In

Quality ventilation system cleaning is imperative to business operations and employee health, particularly since COVID emerged. So if you need a skilled professional to keep your ventilation in top condition, call Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London. We are specialists in cleaning ventilation systems in the Capital and can ensure your business will keep employees safe and the air clean. Call us for further information or if you would like to receive a quote.


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