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What Are The Best B2b Lead Generation Tools And Sites?
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What Are The Best B2b Lead Generation Tools And Sites?

Perhaps, generating b2b leads is the most challenging part of B2B marketing. If you don’t generate b2b leads, you don’t have future clients in the pipeline. If you don’t have future clients, you cannot generate revenue for your business. And if you don’t generate revenue, you have to close your business soon. So, effective b2b leads data is necessary for a b2b business and marketing. But it is also challenging. Well, fret not; here we have mentioned a few best platforms and tools to generate B2B leads on a low budget.

What Are The Best Platforms For B2B Lead Generation?

The main objective of B2B websites should be to help visitors find the business information they’re looking for. But, on top of that, they should be helping their organization capture qualified b2b leads for their product or service. 

A b2b lead generation website does just that. It helps you to find b2b leads for the targeted industry and country. You can collect this data manually. But, it will take you several hours. There you need to use some best b2b lead generation tools. LinkedIn and Google Maps are the best examples of b2b lead generation websites. Google Maps has more than 12 million registered businesses and LinkedIn has more than 55 million registered businesses. You can collect his data for your b2b marketing campaigns manually and by using b2b leads scraping tools.

What Is a B2B Lead Generation Software/Tool?

Lead generation tools and software help you easily find and extract contact information of people who are interested in your product or services from LinkedIn and Google Maps search results and business profiles. You can use these b2b leads for your b2b marketing campaigns to grow your business to the next level.

Why Do People Use Lead Generation Tools?

The key to the lead generation tool is that b2b leads are collected without any ongoing manual work from you. Essentially, these tools automate the process of generating b2b leads so you can focus on other strategies of your business. 

Lead generation tools will then collect the email address and phone numbers of the business owners from Google and LinkedIn. So you can contact them through email marketing and telemarketing.

If you are struggling to collect b2b leads, it’s time to bring in a new lead generation software… or past time to upgrade what you currently have. Hundreds of companies are using our lead generation tools just like yours, and we’ve identified the key drivers of successful lead generation campaigns.

Why is it important to use Leads Generator software? Well, you can focus on the things that really matter for your business instead of wasting time trying to find b2b leads yourself.

What You Should Consider In A Best Lead Generation Tool?

Easy To Use: 

The most important thing about a lead generation tool is that it should be easy to use so that every person in your office can use it easily. Otherwise, it’s just another piece of software on your computer sitting unused.


No one wants to spend money on software they’re not sure will work for them. So, the tool prices should be affordable for everyone.

Solid Support: 

Make sure that the company provides great customer support for its customers. There’s nothing worse than spending money on software and then having it go unused because there’s no customer support when questions arise.

Find The Right Leads:

 You need to make sure that your software lets you find the leads by name, zip code, and URL. You also make sure that software provides accurate leads at the fastest speed.

Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn With LinkedIn Company Extractor On A Low Budget

LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best lead generation tool that makes it easy to get b2b leads from LinkedIn without any coding and extra skills.

It doesn’t matter what kind of company profile you want to scrape from LinkedIn. You just have to enter the name of the company in the search bar of the software. The LinkedIn Contact Extractor will automatically find all the companies registered with this name on LinkedIn. You can easily extract and export data from this LinkedIn company profile with a click of a button. You can scrape data from hundreds of LinkedIn company profiles at a time. LinkedIn Company Data Extractor comes with the right solution for building b2b leads from LinkedIn for your unique needs.

Moreover, the LinkedIn scraping tools have many formats to download data such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc. You can scrape data from a list of LinkedIn company profile URLs. You will get your email address, phone number, staff details, social media links, business description, ratings, reviews, and much more from a LinkedIn profile by using this LinkedIn Lead Generation tool. LinkedIn Company Extractor price for 3 months is just $59.99 with 24/7 customer support.

Generate B2B Leads On a Low Budget From Google Maps

If you want to collect b2b leads from Google Maps then no one can beat the Google Map Extractor. Google Maps Data Extractor is specially designed for scraping Google Maps data. Google Map Extractor is a complete data scraping tool to scrape each and every contact information from a Google Maps business listing. 

Google Map Email Extractor comes with a desktop application to help you scrape Google Maps for b2b leads.

All you have to do is add a company name in the software search bar. The tool will then find their business email addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, address, and other contact details from Google Maps.

Google Maps Scraper will add these leads to your database in CSV, Excel, and Text file formats, so you can start working on those leads right away. People love to use this Google Maps Listings scraper due to its user-friendly interface, accurate results, cheap rates, and fast speed. The Google Map Extractor price for a month is just $49.99 with great customer support.

Final Thoughts

A lead generation tool is an affordable solution to grow your business with b2b leads. 

These are some fruitful lead generation tools that a business can use to generate more B2B leads without spending a lot on Google Maps and LinkedIn. What do you think about these b2b tools? Have you ever tried any of them? 


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