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Top 10 Essential Car Accessories every Car Buyer should have in 2022
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Top 10 Essential Car Accessories every Car Buyer should have in 2022

Every automobile owner occasionally has to deal with difficult situations. These car accessories include issues like flat tyres, dead batteries, and other things that can leave you completely stranded. While technological developments have mostly resolved several problems that plague automobile owners, nobody wants to see their car in poor condition. 


The first item is a smartphone holder that can be adjusted. Although it is not advisable to use a mobile phone while driving, automobiles lacking navigation systems will force you to use your phone to get maps. It will be possible for you to check the maps on your phone without using your hands and getting distracted while driving because these adjustable holders are rather inexpensive to buy.


Dash cameras may be extremely important as evidence in the event of a road traffic collision. Most authorities, including insurance companies, accept video evidence from a dash vehicle. These gadgets may also record the voyage and photograph the routes for you to remember. 


Anyone who drives on a road will find flat tyres annoying. You may purchase one of these portable tyre inflators to help you temporarily seal the puncture or leak until you can reach a service centre as an alternative to being stuck. 


Going to the vehicle wash for cleaning is not a wise financial decision. However, certain wastes are difficult to remove from within the vehicle. In addition to being pleasant, a clean automobile also promotes good hygiene.


Any advanced computerized security system in your car, such as an immobilizer, an anti-theft alarm system, a CCTV camera, or a GPS tracker, but if it lacks a gear lock, you are putting your automobile at risk twice. If your automobile has a manual transmission, Gear Lock is the first and most important equipment for securing it. 


Particularly helpful if you live in North India or another region that has heavy fog during the winter. In the winter, it facilitates cruising and driving in fog. In most hatchback and mid-size cars, the cost of fog lights with direct installation ranges from Rs 3000 to 5000.


If you frequently drive at night or on highways, this accessory is really helpful. By reducing the headlight glare of following vehicles in your rearview mirror, it offers protection. it should be a necessity on the radar list given the importance of safety.


If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, getting one is essential if you frequently accept calls. With Bluetooth, you may easily communicate while driving and accept or reject calls using a hands-free telephonic interface.


Though not be defined as an accessory-, if you stay in coastal areas with high mixture content then may consider an added car underbody protection from rusting. Comes with 5 yrs of warranty.


With parking places becoming increasingly scarce, it’s becoming difficult for all of us to park our automobiles securely in parking lots. Parking cameras/sensors have saved us from a lot of trouble.


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