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A Brief Introduction About Ukraine War


The mysterious Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine, is now judged by the length of the table at which he dines and converses with his distinguished guests. Still, problematically, every yardstick by which he is measured proves unworkable because it needs to include the essential quality that makes him tick in the competitive political environment within the maze-like confines of the Kremlin.

In this context, it was reported that Russia’s longest-serving president held discussions about the possibility of a full-scale war with neighboring Ukraine from one end of an absurdly imposingly long desk with foreign dignitaries and his own senior diplomatic and defense staff at least four times before the war. Wednesday’s rambling speech by Vladimir Putin marked the beginning of a worrying new phase in the war in Ukraine. He also declared that certain Ukrainian territories would hold so-called referendums to join Russia.

The mysterious Vladimir Putin:

  1. It is commonly considered a show of dominance that emulates Benito Mussolini, who attempted to browbeat his guests by requiring them to travel great distances to get close to the table he occupied. It is interesting to note that he avoids doing this when dealing with autocratic leaders. This was on display when Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, with who Putin enjoys the company and shares a preference for right-wing politics, recently paid a visit to Moscow. Putin greeted him from one side of a small table. As a sign that Putin plans to ignore leaders of democracies by placing them at long tables, the authoritarian leaders of Belarus and Hungary also received short tables.
  2. This might not just be speculation, as such trivial antics have long been known to manifest a complex that is thought to be a defining characteristic of tyrannical leaders of authoritarian governments. Putin appears to be macho, suspicious, unpredictable, a propagandist for half-truths and deception, and obscenely wealthy from all reports. He has a rather bad reputation, is unquestionably a tyrant who opposes democracy, and neither considers himself a man of the people nor a supporter of human rights.
  3. It is unclear what is driving Putin’s power play along Ukraine’s borders, whether it is his compulsion to assemble Russia Ukraine Putin lands and restore his nation’s dominance from the Cold War era, repeated claims from the Kremlin that Kyiv’s application to join NATO poses a severe security threat to Moscow or a more existential concern about stifling Kyiv’s democratic tendencies.
  4. Despite having an ex-wife, at least two daughters, and maybe one or more mistresses, Putin has never been seen in public with his kids. Most intriguingly, Putin frequently mentions the Russian Orthodox Church in speeches and has cultivated a reputation as a champion of traditional family values. In late January, he was seen in state-run Russian media doing an Orthodox Christian ceremony to commemorate the Epiphany holiday.
  5. In the video, Putin plunges into the chilly water of a cross-shaped pool outside Moscow while wearing blue swimming trunks. It is difficult to determine how earnest this is and how much of it is about advancing Putin’s ultra-nationalist goal for someone raised in the atheist-communist Soviet Union.
  6. It is a well-known truth that Russia has always displayed a genuine pro-Russian attitude consistent with support for the church. The encounter’s photos, which show Merkel appearing uneasy as Putin’s black Labrador lies down by her feet and Putin grinning as he looks in their direction, make clear that he openly wants to scare people. Even though Merkel was the head of one of the most powerful nations in Europe and had a severe fear of dogs, he threateningly advised her not to be afraid of the dog.
  7. He also has a reputation for pursuing a position before publicly contradicting it. For example, during Donald Trump’s presidency, he insisted that there had been no election meddling in 2016. However, a few months before Trump’s term ended, Putin made a U-turn and admitted that there had been election meddling in the vote that Trump had won, which was influenced by Ukrainian oligarchs who had donated money to Trump’s political rivals, including Hilary Clinton.
  8. Even more puzzling was that Putin vehemently denied they were members of the Russian military when they seized control of Crimea in 2014 while boasting about their membership a year later.
  9. In a 5,000-word essay titled “On the Historical Unity of Russia Ukraine Putin,” by Putin in July, he made the case that Ukraine, which earned independence in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union, could only achieve genuine autonomy in cooperation with Russia.
  10. Putin’s private life and the origin of his alleged wealth are also shrouded in secrecy. His annual salary is roughly $150,000, but he wears watches that cost $60,000. A probe conducted by his imprisoned rival Navalny suggested that Russia Ukraine Putin might be the owner of a $1.3 billion lavish palace in southern Russia with its underground hockey rink, casino, and church.
  11. As tensions with Ukraine grew, and US and European authorities began discussing historically harsh consequences if the invasion went forward, German media reported that a luxury yacht reportedly owned by Putin abruptly left Hamburg, where it was being repaired.

Almost of Russians opposed this:

Reliable survey results from Russia in December 2021 revealed that only 8% of Russians believed their nation should send troops to battle the Ukrainian government. Only 6% said Russia should treat the West as an adversary. Still, 75% of respondents said NATO posed a threat to Russia. There have been protests all around Russia since the invasion started.

Smokey claimed that since riot police had been sent in to disperse protesters, the Russian government was concerned about them. Additionally, the current economic sanctions have cut off Russia from the rest of the world, and the protests are now more about the deaths in Ukraine than the history of the Soviet Union.


In under 24 hours, Ukrainian forces destroyed 58 cruise missiles in total, according to an update from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on December 30. The report states that within the same period, the Ukrainian military also killed 690 Russian soldiers and destroyed 23 drones, six artillery systems, and 12 armoured battle vehicles. On December 31, Russian forces also launched 20 cruise missiles at Ukraine, eight of which managed to circumvent the country’s air defences and hit homes in Kyiv and other major cities. For further details you can search russian-ukraine latest news today.


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