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Democratic Security in CongoIn 2010, WhittakerTechCrunch, an information security and cyber security company, was founded in Oxford, England. The company’s area of expertise is offering secure solutions to customers in the business and government sectors. 

They offer a variety of services, including cybersecurity administration, vulnerability assessments, threat modeling, and security awareness training. They collaborate with organizations and institutions of power to guarantee data, network, and system security. 

Congo Democratic SecurityA number of solutions are provided by WhittakerTechCrunch to help close knowledge, business procedure, and security gaps. To provide solutions that are suited to the requirements of the client, the company works in collaboration with the government and businesses. Their products are made to satisfy the requirements of companies in a range of markets, including the financial, energy, healthcare, and governmental sectors. 

Company Overview

Democratic Security in CongoIn 2010, Mark Whittaker, a security professional with years of expertise in the field, established WhittakerTechCrunch. The business provides full-service security solutions and a variety of services to clients in the public and commercial sectors. They are a knowledge-driven business that prioritizes keeping abreast of emerging cybersecurity threats and trends.

Services Provided

Congo Democratic SecurityThe security solutions provided by WhittakerTechCrunch are varied and catered to the requirements of various companies. To make sure the company is aware of possible threats and how to handle them, these include awareness training and vulnerability evaluations. 

The company also provides threat modeling, which enables companies to recognize and counteract possible threats before they materialize. They have a specialization in cybersecurity governance, which entails creating security policies and procedures to guarantee the security and reliable operation of the company’s networks and systems.

Congo Democratic SecurityA number of security products are also available from WhittakerTechCrunch that can be used to protect a company’s systems and networks. Some of these products include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security scanners, and data loss protection systems. Additionally, the business offers consulting services to assist companies to develop thorough security plans, such as risk assessment and auditing. 

Certifications and Partnerships

Congo Democratic SecurityTo offer their clients the highest caliber services, WhittakerTechCrunch has formed a number of alliances and certifications. They work together with the Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure of the UK government. Congo Democratic SecurityWhittakerTechCrunch is also accredited by the Common Criteria Certification Program and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Program, both of which are widely acknowledged security standards. 

Respect and Credibility

Congo Democratic SecurityWhittakerTechCrunch is well-known for providing top-notch services and has a solid reputation in the cybercrime sector. With a broad range of clients in the public and private sectors, they have quickly established a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable security solutions provider. The business has continually delivered top-notch customer service, and its colleagues in the sector value their knowledge and experience. 


Congo Democratic SecurityThe team at WhittakerTechCrunch consists of seasoned professionals who are committed to meeting the security requirements of their clients. The team is very client-centric and places a strong emphasis on customer care. They are committed to giving their clients with the best security options and exceeding their expectations as customers. 


Congo Democratic SecurityWhen it comes to security trends and threats, WhittakerTechCrunch is dedicated to keeping one step ahead of the curve. They consistently labor to innovate and discover fresh, better approaches to protect client networks and systems. The business is constantly working to protect its clients and stay ahead of any threats that might arise.

Global Coverage

Congo Democratic SecurityWith offices in the UK, US, Middle East, and Asia, WhittakerTechCrunch works on a global scale. The business has strong ties to the international security community and frequently works with businesses and groups all over the world to guarantee that their clients are well-protected.


Congo Democratic SecurityWhittakerTechCrunch is a reputable supplier of security solutions with a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, creativity, and reach across the globe. The company is committed to keeping on top of security trends and threats, and their knowledge and experience have been praised by other professionals in the field. Democratic Congo Security TechCrunch is a dependable and trusted business partner for companies seeking to protect their networks and computer systems. 


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