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Video Downloader by DupliChecker – A Review

DupliChecker is an incredible platform developed to help internet users efficiently perform various tasks. It offers numerous exceptional tools that benefit SEO experts, writers, and many other users. However, this article will only focus on its video downloader. It will discuss the nitty-gritty of this tool.

Let’s start with the introduction of this tool!

Video Downloader by DupliChecker

This video downloader is introduced to help video lovers download their favorite videos within a few clicks and without facing any issues. The idea of creating this downloader came when many prominent social media platforms and video-sharing networks restricted direct downloading options. 

People can’t stop loving and downloading videos, so they need alternative ways to save them on their devices and share them with their loved ones. And this video downloader is the best alternative to downloading videos from any platform. 

Now coming to the more things you need to know about this downloader!

Features of this Video Downloader

When you explore the internet, you will find many video downloading options, most of which assist people in the downloading process. But the thing is, almost every tool has some exceptional features. Similarly, this downloader also has a few unique features that became the reason for its success. Here are some of them!


The video downloading process using this downloader is relatively swift. You don’t need to wait for a long time to load or download a file. Instead, when you enter the link and press the “download video” button, you will find the option to select the quality. After selecting the quality, the video downloading process will start, and you will get your videos within a few seconds or minutes. Remember, the time also depends on your internet speed.

If you have a steady and fast internet connection, your video will be saved on your device’s memory in less time than you may have anticipated.

Easy to Use

Using this free video downloader is relatively easy and simple. You don’t need to go through various complicated steps to download your favorite video. The platform is famous for its user-friendly interface. So, its video downloader is also easy to use. If you haven’t used any web-based downloader, you need to try this platform as you will quickly learn the whole process. Every step of downloading a video is clearly mentioned on the site so that you won’t find any issues throughout the entire process.

Support Almost Every Video Format

DupliChecker’s video downloader supports almost every format, including MKV, MP4, WebM, etc. So, it doesn’t matter which format the video has; you can download and play it on your device. Besides, it supports every video quality from the lowest to the highest. Therefore, you can quickly get your favorite videos in the desired quality.

No Spammy Ads

Spammy ads are among the most significant issues of many web-based video downloading tools. Many platforms don’t use ethical and legal strategies to promote their websites. So they place third-party ads on their websites. They pop up on your screen whenever you click or touch anywhere on the website. Those annoying ads sometimes also slow down the devices. So, users have to close those websites without downloading videos. But you won’t find any issues on this platform. It doesn’t show any annoying or spammy advertisements to its users.

Pros and Cons of this Video Downloader

The product or service reviews are always incomplete without pros and cons. Starting from the pros of this online utility by DupliChecker.


  • Users don’t find any issues while downloading videos.
  • Anyone can download an unlimited number of videos without paying anything.
  • No need to download any extensions, software, browser, or application to download videos from this platform.
  • Users can download videos without signing up and providing their personal information.
  • Shows no spammy and annoying ads.
  • It is accessible from every device and web browser.


  • Users need a stable internet connection to download their videos.
  • It doesn’t save users’ data, so if the video is deleted from the users’ devices, it cannot help them find the link to the video.
  • As it is not an application or software, it won’t show a download button whenever users will play a video.

Steps to Download a Video with this Tool

Although downloading a video with this platform is pretty easy, it is mandatory to guide users about the steps of downloading videos. Here they are!

  • Copy the video’s URL.
  • Open the video downloader.
  • Paste the URL in the bar under the “Enter Video URL” option.
  • Click on the captcha and press the “Download Video” button.
  • Select the quality.
  • The process has started.

Final Words

Video downloader by DupliChecker is an excellent tool if you want to download videos from various video-sharing platforms, social networking websites, or applications. It is fast, easy, and free. Besides, it doesn’t waste users’ time by showing them annoying ads. So, users must try it if they don’t know any reliable option to download videos.


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