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Pwn2own Zoom Zoomarntz Malwarebyteslabs

The Zero Day Initiative, a project of the security firm Trend Micro, sponsors and hosts the annual Pwn2Own Zoom security exploit competition. Since the competition’s debut in 2019, both security researchers and hackers have come to enjoy it. Its goal is to find security flaws in widely used software and applications and to reward those who do.

The first significant participant in Pwn2Own Zoom is Zoomarntz. A cybersecurity business called Zoomarntz was established in 2015, and it focuses on threat detection, application security, and secure access management. The Zoomarntz team has a wealth of experience in the security sector, and their current priority is to offer real-time defence against zero-day threats.

At Pwn2Own Zoom, Malwarebytes Labs is the second-biggest rival. A well-known security research and development company, Malwarebytes Labs, has been operating since 2008. They are experts in finding vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, and malware. Malwarebytes Laboratories is renowned for its work in both researching the inner workings of malicious software and detecting and responding to new and emerging threats.

Pwn2Own Zoom is a fantastic platform for security researchers and hackers to showcase their talents and establish themselves, all things considered. Software developers can use the competition to find and fix security flaws in their products, while security professionals can learn more about the most recent dangers. It will be intriguing to see how the contestants perform, and this year’s competition is guaranteed to be an exciting occasion.


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