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Every James Bond supervillain’s sports owner counterpart


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It’s a struggle to get billionaire owners to see themselves as the public views them. When you’re heavily isolated and surrounded by yes men, it’s easy to think your plan for league domination is flawless, and your various exploits are on the level and wouldn’t get any person without an army of lawyers at least five years in prison.

Of course, the good owners don’t get the same shine as the shitty ones, but there seem to be 10 repulsive examples for every standup one. So, in honor of the owners’ lack of self-awareness, I thought offering up their James Bond supervillain comp might help drag them back to a reality where they’re not demigods.

In the ensuing slideshow, I’ll provide the comp and a brief explanation of why I paired the two.

Also, for those of you expecting to see henchmen, this is just the egomaniac with the money, and not the metal teeth or steel-rimmed bowler hat. I’m not trying to get sued (again) and rich people have an itchy lawyer finger. The commissioners are the ones doing the real dirty work anyway, so they’re more apt for that comparison.

OK, there are a million of these flicks and just as many plotting owners so let’s get started. (Remember, these owners haven’t actually done anything these Bond villains did during these films.)


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