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Do I Need To Hire a Health Coach? 7 Reasons to Start Working with One

The demand for health coaches has been at an all-time high and is expected to grow even more over the next few years. Why has health coaching increased in popularity? Is it just a new fad that’s bound to fade away?

As it turns out, the demand for health coaching may have something to do with the rise of chronic diseases in the United States and other parts of the world. Almost 133 million Americans have at least one chronic illness, while 75 million suffer from several. After being diagnosed with a chronic condition, most people don’t get enough support and continuation of care from their primary care physician mostly due to the fact that physicians don’t have time to continually guide their patients to wellness. This is where health coaches come in, leading to the current rise in demand and popularity.

What Is a Health Coach Anyway?

Much like a sports coach, a health coach is there to guide you, cheer you on, and motivate you to become healthier and more involved in your own wellness. They do that by helping you implement healthier habits and essential lifestyle changes that you may struggle to incorporate on your own. For instance, they could support you when trying to quit smoking, show you how to lower your stress levels, or suggest a healthier nutrition plan.

We should note that, while many health coaches are licensed medical professionals, they can’t diagnose their clients or give medical advice. A health coach’s focus is on understanding you and your health goals, not your symptoms or health condition. In other words, they will help you understand what health goals you want to achieve and guide you towards them, but they won’t give you treatment or medication.

Benefits of Hiring a  Health Coach

1. Personalized Plan Just for You

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in health and wellness. That popular health regime everyone is praising may not give you the results you’re looking for, and vice versa — something that works wonders for you might not work for someone else. Ultimately, you need a plan tailored for your specific condition, taking into account your needs and goals.

A health coach can design such a plan for you. After working closely with you, they’ll see what helps and what doesn’t. Then, they can come up with a unique solution just for you!

2. Smaller Gap Between You and Your Doctor

Frequently, doctors are there to provide a diagnosis and prescribe medication and therapy. After that, you’re usually left to deal with the rest on your own with no real outside help, which can be isolating and challenging, especially when managing a chronic condition. This treatment gap between you and your doctor not only makes managing health conditions difficult, but it can leave opportunities for mismanagement and even increase the risk of turning a chronic health condition into something potentially life-threatening. Without proper and professional guidance in between doctor visits, it can be easy to get derailed when managing your health condition.

Health coaches are there to bridge this gap. They can help you understand your current condition and incorporate necessary lifestyle changes. With a health coach to guide you every step of the way, you don’t have to feel alone.

3. A Health Coach Holds You Accountable

Consistency and determination are crucial when implementing lifestyle changes or managing a health condition. But staying motivated on your own can be tough, and sometimes you need some outside help.

A health coach can provide that help. They are there to hold you accountable, check your progress, and motivate you when you’re struggling. In a way, they’re like your personal cheerleader, rooting for you all the way to success.

4. They Help You Reach Life-Changing Goals

Even if you know what and where you want to be with your health, actually reaching those goals can be challenging for most people. Usually, this involves undoing years of mental, emotional, and physical habits that have led you to your current health condition. It can get intimidating and daunting to even think about the first step on what seems like a long and arduous journey.

Consulting a health coach is a bit like taking a shortcut on your health journey. They can help you create an effective plan and guide you from the first step to the last. This means you save time, stress, and trial and error when implementing permanent life-changing habits to a better and healthier you.

5. You’ll Have Less Trouble Navigating Health-Related Information

Let’s be honest — healthcare can be extremely confusing, and full of conflicting information, experiences, and anecdotes. One doctor may say one thing, another something else entirely, and if you’re researching online, you’ll find that no one seems to be able to agree on anything. Sifting through all that information on your own can be frustrating.

That’s why the help of a health coach is so invaluable. They’ll give you proper resources, answer your questions, and help you discern between what’s useful and what isn’t. And that’s immensely helpful when trying to navigate the world of health and wellness.

6. Ongoing Support Through Technology

Thanks to various technological advances, you can receive ongoing support from your health coach. For instance, they can track your progress and answer your questions through convenient phone apps or monitor your vitals from a smart device.

Your health coach can advise you on the kind of apps and wearables to use based on your preferences and budget. Nowadays, you have apps that track physical activity, count calories, and more. As technology and health continue to work together, we can expect more sophisticated and robust tools in the future to not only help us monitor our health progress but also facilitate remote sessions for continual guidance and convenience.

7. They Help You Learn More About Yourself and Your Health

Did you know that your body has a way of talking to you? It sends messages through symptoms, sounds, and “gut feelings” every day. By understanding and recognizing these messages, we can develop a relationship with our bodies that usually lead to a better understanding of ourselves as dynamic and complex human beings.

But getting to know your body on your own can be difficult, especially when you’re not aware of the signs. A health coach can help you identify these messages as well as make suggestions on how to give your body what it needs. With their guidance, it becomes easier to recognize the signs and decipher your own unique biological patterns. Over time, you become more aligned with yourself and your body so achieving those health goals become a lot easier.

Virtual Health Coaching – The New Frontier

With the aftermath of the pandemic and new technological advancements, working with a health coach is easier than ever with virtual health coaching. New and growing platforms like Nexia Wellness have made finding and connecting with health coaches online convenient and effective. The Nexia Wellness community of holistic wellness practitioners has a bit of something for everyone — certified health coaches, classes and videos, and health-related articles and resources. They provide support for your health journey, whether you choose to take it solo or are ready to work with a health coach!


If you’ve ever been the least bit curious about working with a health coach, why not contact one to see how they can help? The benefits far outweigh the risks. When you’re ready, check out new platforms that promote virtual holistic health like Nexia Wellness. Working with a health coach is easier than ever with technology that facilitates remote sessions. When you get the individualized attention and motivation from a health coach, you’ll find your health goals and the path to get there get clearer and easier. It’s like having a partner on your wellness journey, and that might be exactly what you need to succeed.