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April Fools Jokes Over Text

  1. Auto-correct Prank: Change the auto-correct settings on your friend’s phone to replace common words with silly or random ones. For example, change “hello” to “banana” or “thank you” to “unicorn.”
  2. Wrong Number Text: Text a friend pretending to be someone else and see how long you can keep up the charade. Make sure to choose a character with a distinct personality to make the prank more believable.
  3. Fake News: Create a fake news story and send it to your friend, making sure it’s outrageous enough to be unbelievable. Watch their reaction and then reveal the prank.
  4. Emoji Confusion: Send your friend a message using only emojis and see if they can decipher the meaning. Bonus points for using obscure or rarely-used emojis!
  5. Broken Keyboard: Send your friend a message with lots of typos, pretending that your keyboard is broken. Keep up the joke for as long as you can before revealing the prank.
  6. Fake Phone Number: Text your friend from a fake phone number, pretending to be someone they know. See how long you can keep up the conversation before revealing the prank.
  7. Spoofing App: Use a spoofing app to fake a text message from a famous celebrity or politician. Watch your friend’s reaction and then reveal the prank.

Remember to keep your pranks harmless and lighthearted, and always be considerate of others’ feelings and boundaries. Happy April Fool’s Day!


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