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An overview about Picrew

Avatars may be created on the website Picrew using layered paper dolls. It was formally released in December of that year.

The website’s design and concept are reminiscent of prior avatar creators like the WeeMee or Nintendo Mii. Additionally, they pay homage to the long tradition of online paper doll games like the Kisekae Set System.

What is Picrew?

For other users to build their avatars based on the characteristics and designs supplied by the artist, Pi crew, an online avatar creator, allows artists to submit their own presets.

Tetrachrome, Inc created a Japanese website called Picrew. The website’s home page features a collection of recently added avatars, popular designs, and brand-new images created by other users. 

After selecting one of those presets, the user may choose from various choices to customize their avatar’s appearance (eyes, hair, nose, etc.). After finishing the character, the user may post it along with a link on other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook so that other people can make their own.

Picrew Maker

A paper doll-inspired avatar creation website is called Picrew Maker. It can create images and allows users to upload their avatar-maker artwork using a picture editor.

Using the developer’s image maker, you may mix your preferred elements to generate images and characters.

There is a lot of customization, so feel free to play around if you see the color (paintbrush) or move (arrows) tools! It is how you get lips on your mouth, thicker brows, etc.

All charitable uses are permitted. 

This includes 

  • Avatars and icons (from anywhere; YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc.). It’s okay even if your channel is being paid for!
  • Placeholders (if you’re using them for a roleplay or personal project)
  • Memes, assemblages, modifications, and servers

You’re fine if you’re not trying to sell the picture or claim ownership.

How to make Picrew?

  1. Go to Picrew. Me in your browser on a desktop or mobile device.
  2. You can select between English and Japanese.
  3. Choose the avatar you want to customize by scrolling down.

4 Any feature of your face, such as your brows, eye color, lip color, and eye shape, can be altered. Next, decide on your skin tone, clothing, accessories, and haircut.

  1. Tap Complete when you’re done designing your avatar.

Choose Image Download after that to save it to your device. 

How to build a TikTok video by uploading your Pi crew?

  1. Open TikTok on your smartphone after creating your avatar, then tap the Plus icon.

2 Produce a video. Tap the Effects Icon after releasing the record button.

  1. Search for the Icon with the sun and download the arrow in the Trending tab. 

4 Choose the image from Pi crew that you wish to utilize. 

  1. Add text, sound, or effects. Click Next.
  2. You can also add the hashtag #picrew so that anyone looking for you will see it on the screen next to your video.
  3. Tap when you are prepared.


The pi crew is a widely used program for making avatars outside Japan. It includes an easy-to-use interface and lets users utilize a crew designer to make their images. Among them is the ban on redistributing pictures made with Picrew’s image editors.