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5 Reasons You Need Lancôme’s New Revitalizing Mascara

Life can be hard on lashes. Between daily makeup wear, lash curler use, and eye makeup removal, our everyday habits can disrupt lash health, contributing to fragile eyelash hairs and, in more dire cases, even lash fall-out. That’s where a dedicated lash serum can be particularly helpful; they’re typically brimming with conditioning ingredients that promote healthier-looking lashes. And with Lancôme’s Le 8 Hypnôse mascara, you get all the benefits of a lash serum alongside voluminous, beautifully sculpted lashes.

The revitalizing new formula checks all the boxes: It was created specifically with eyelash health in mind, delivering both volume and fullness without compromising lashes. Infused with a powerful lash serum, its strategic lineup of ingredients — including 91% conditioning black balm, shea butter, and eight amino acids — work to deliver healthier-looking lashes over time. (In fact, in a consumer test conducted by the brand, eight out of ten women felt stronger, healthier-looking lashes in just 4 weeks of using it.) Here, what exactly makes it such a stand-out.

1. Instant Volume

Let’s talk payoff: Just a swipe of this mascara formula delivers plush volume for instantly thicker-looking lashes. That’s partly due to the unique brush, which features an 8-shaped side to amp up volume, as well as a flat side to sculpt and lift the lashes. The bristles also deposit product evenly, allowing for quick coating without clumps. Pro tip? To pump up the volume even more and enhance the black pigment, start with the brand’s best-selling Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Primer.

2. Lash Serum Benefits

What sets this formula apart is that the volumizing mascara has been blended with a lash serum to revitalize eyelashes while you wear it. It features eight amino acids (hence “Le 8” in the name) and shea butter to deliver stronger, healthier-looking lashes overtime, alongside the requisite volume. While you can still pair it with a dedicated lash serum, such as the brand’s Cils Booster Lash Revitalizing Serum, for a full lash-care routine, the ingredients in Le 8 Hypnôse mascara mean you can go without it if you’re short on time.

3. Customizable Results

Whether you’re seeking natural-looking lashes for everyday errands or bringing the drama for a night out, not to worry: The Le 8 Hypnôse mascara offers the best of both worlds. With its buildable, clump-resistant formula, you can layer on multiple coats for a bolder look that stays put all day without flaking or smudging around the eyes.

4. Easy on the Eyes

The wax-free formula is an advantage for those with eye sensitivities or contact lens wearers. In lieu of the typical wax, Le 8 Hypnôse mascara pairs the black balm with nourishing shea butter for a smooth application that’s suitable for sensitive eyes. Aside from it being formulated with sensitive eyes in mind, it’s also worth noting that the gorgeous pure glass tube and vegetal wand make it easy on the eyes as well.

5. Simple to Remove

The combination of eye makeup remover and elbow grease, which is often required to remove some mascara formulas, can contribute to lash fall-out. Lancôme’s Le 8 formula is the exception due to its top tier innovation; despite lasting all day long, it’s incredibly easy to remove with just a minute amount of lukewarm water and a cotton pad. This makes it that much easier on the eyes and lashes alike.

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