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5 NFL teams with high expectations that could easily disappoint


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Tua Tagovailoa is facing the most pressure of any young quarterback in the league heading into the 2022 campaign. The kid drafted one pick after him (Justin Herbert) in Los Angeles has set the league on fire in his first two seasons, won offensive Rookie of the Year, and was named to his first Pro Bowl last year.

Whether it’s fair or not, Tua and Herbert will forever be linked during their NFL careers, and thus far, Tagovailoa is trailing by a large margin. Not in team success, but individually they’re in different universes. Tua has the chance to change the narrative this year with a strong showing and playoff berth.

Considering the weapons and resources Miami gave Tua this offseason, if the Dolphins miss the postseason again, the next thing he’ll be given is a one-way ticket out of South Beach. The team added Mike McDaniel as head coach and has blessed Tagovailoa with a trio of speedy wide receivers, including Tyreek Hill. His nickname is the cheetah. Even if you’d never seen him play, that name implies speed.

With all that at his disposal, it’s still possible this season ends in disaster. Nine wins feel like the ceiling for Tua’s Dolphins, even with all the additions. One thing to pay attention to is the frequency at which Tua can consistently get the ball to his deep threats down the field. His accuracy has never been questioned. It’s his precision deep downfield outside the hash marks.

Result: Dolphins miss the playoffs again


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