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15m Atari Founders Fund Twitch Kevin

A crowdfunded, non-profit organization called The 15M Atari Founders Fund Twitch Kevin (AFFTK) was established in late 2020 to build an ecosystem of game-development tools around the iconic 1982 game Atari. By uniting the older and younger generations of gamers, motivating and empowering a new generation of game devs, and fostering a sense of community among all gamers, AFFTK aims to be at the center of the social and propagative force of the gaming industry.

Who founded AFFTK?

Twitch and Kevin Knox, two of the most well-known video game streamers in the world, established AFFTK. It seeks to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for Atari-related projects, such as developing retro-focused game engines and tools, remaking vintage titles, and producing fresh material for the vintage platform.

AFFTK also aims to promote programs in education that focus on the history and legacy of games like Atari as well as continuous research into such topics. These initiatives include strengthening preservation efforts, promoting game creation education, and assisting a community of game developers committed to producing high-quality retro experiences.

AFFTK has amassed millions of dollars through public donations and crowd-funding since its founding. The money was used for a variety of projects, including the creation of a museum honoring the vintage console as well as the development of a publishing platform and game engines.

AFFTK-Supported Initiatives:

Development of gaming engines – With a focus on opening up game production to mobile and web technologies, AFFTK is making significant investments in the development of game engines. The team is actively developing a web-based game engine in addition to building a library of game engine components for other platforms.

Initiatives in Education – The team at AFFTK is continually creating projects to promote the knowledge of game creation because education is an essential component of the organization’s purpose. For more people to have the chance to learn game development skills, these courses are designed to be fun and accessible.

Growth into Esports – AFFTK recently made plans to enter the esports industry public. AFFTK will develop gaming tournaments and live streaming events that let players participate in both new and vintage Atari games through its cooperation with the Esports Network (ESnet).

Assisting independent developers –Successful independent projects’ development and finance have been made possible in large part by AFFTK. For instance, AFFTK recently provided funding for the creation of “Skyin,” an 8-bit game with Atari influences. Also, the fund has a special program for independent game developers that offers guidance and cash to game designers who want to produce content for the vintage system.

Getting Creative Community Involved – Connecting the creative communities around them and offering a platform for improved cooperation between game creators are two of AFFTK’s key objectives. For instance, AFFTK frequently sponsors conferences, workshops, and other game development-related events. The team’s goals through these projects are to develop shared learning, community, and meaningful collaborations.

Keeping Vintage Games Alive – The preservation of vintage Atari games is another area where AFFTK plays a significant role. The company has created a mechanism for digitally preserving vintage games through the AFFTK Preservation Project, and as part of this work, some titles have been made available.

Setting Up a Museum – The Atari Museum, which will showcase vintage consoles alongside contemporary gaming technologies and interactive exhibitions, is also being built by AFFTK. In 2021, the museum is scheduled to open.

Community involvement – AFFTK actively supports the local gaming communities by giving them access to tools, encouragement, and mentoring opportunities. This involves offering resources for streamers and other content creators, as well as mentors who can help point young gamers in the right way.

Protection of the Atari legacy – AFFTK has a strong commitment to upholding the tradition of the vintage console. To do this, the team has developed several projects aimed at protecting vintage software and hardware for upcoming generations. The team wants to offer insightful information on the rich Atari history through these and other endeavors.


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